bad pesticide day

Why didn’t this send?

On 9/21/16, Nicole Binns wrote:
> I took a shower, which hopefully helped. But I still have residues on > me from the hotel. I assume it’s pesticide. I need to wash the > backpack too. I probably should wash the bedsheets because I have > slept on this bed while still contaminated. It will take a few more > washes of various things to get clean. It causes me to be so > exhausted that all I do is sleep, and when I do wake up, I am so tired > I can barely move, and when I do move, I am shaking and twitching and > thrashing around in an unnatural way.
> The light bulb burned out. I am out of money. I can’t even afford a > light bulb. The food stamps guy called. I have to call him back and > set up an appointment. I had to just tell them there were no other > people living in this house, because last time, they wanted the names, > birthdates, and social security numbers of every human being within a > half mile radius of me, and I couldn’t get those, so I was rejected > for food stamps. So I said that I live in a nuclear blast zone devoid > of life. That worked. Just tell them I don’t know anybody, I have no > friends or acquaintances, and I have never interacted with another > person in my whole life.
> I haven’t a penny to my name. I kinda hope Maki Yaki is really quick > with their paychecks. I’m able to eat chicken and rice there, but > it’s bad chicken and non-organic rice. I can’t get a fancy meal all > the time unless I pay for it, I think, although someone made it sound > like I might be able to.
> I will have to struggle to work while somewhat impaired by pesticide. > I am not drinking coffee.
> I don’t feel any new weird sensations, ever since the moment of either > conception or attachment to the wall of the uterus, whatever happened > in the middle of the night tonight. Nothing weird, although I noticed > that when I was getting out of bed and walking around to take my > shower, I was mini-retching, just those throat movements where it’s > kind of like retching, but not really unpleasant and no actual nausea, > and it kind of feels like I have to burp but nothing comes out. But > my cat vomited last night too, and I cleaned it up. And other people > were talking about upset stomachs. So I can’t verify the reason why I > am slightly sick. I’m eating now and trying to soothe my stomach by > putting something in it. At least I was able to afford to buy cream > for my cereal. I hate eating cereal for breakfast but it’s a > necessity right now.

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