One child policy – random thought. The new people at Maki Yaki. My restaurant of odd, rare, unusual foods.

Every parent who has only one child is easy to control. The one child policy.

I just randomly wrote that and saved it as a draft while I was riding the bus the other day, and forgot about it. It was just a thought. I thought, it’s easy to threaten people who have only one child, especially when they are older and cannot ever have children again. Just threaten to kill their one and only precious child that they have invested everything in, and they will obey.

This is a harsh reality, and people probably are not comfortable admitting it, but it really is true – there is some instinctive awareness that if you have a lot of children, then it won’t be the end of the world if one, or several, of the children are killed. Each child is precious to you and each one is unique, but even so, you know if there is more than one, then a death is not quite as bad. It’s still always going to be bad.

I was just thinking of how it must feel in China, where people had only one child, then became infertile during menopause, and then lost their only child to some accident. At least now, they say, you can have two children instead of one.

I just realized that this was leading somewhere, and I hadn’t intended for it to lead somewhere. Maybe the mind controllers gave me that random thought on the bus the other day. Maybe it was referring to my young boys. At Maki Yaki – they are Korean, not Japanese – there is a young boy who looks exactly like someone who should be an actor in Korean drama movies. He has this sullen, contemptuous air about him, as he silently watches. He’s new and they’re teaching him. There are a lot of new people there.

He has long hair – not long long, but short long, perfectly cut, that he throws around, runs his hands through, and brushes off his face. At the end of the day, he said ‘You win’ to the other guy who had been talking to me, and someone said, ‘What’s he talking about?’ and the guy said, ‘I don’t know what he’s talking about.’ The next day, I bumped into him. He has this attitude that I can see, but I don’t know how to describe it. He feels very ‘Korean,’ very much like what I saw on the movies that I watched a few times, Korean dramas, a few years ago. I was watching Korean pop music and other videos online.

So I noticed this guy right away and felt attracted to him.

However, Agustin is ANSWERING AGAIN. He actually responded to text messages after I sent him the one selfie (even though it was a bland, blank neutral selfie where I had the expression of an android). We texted and had an actual conversation yesterday. I was saying some of my sentences in Spanish, to show that I was at least making an effort to learn his language, and he was speaking in English – he actually knows a fair amount of English and is able to use it in writing, although he might not be comfortable speaking it in a high-speed conversation. He knows that I am no longer at Kaarma, which might be why he decided it was time to reconnect with me so that I was not completely lost, even though I am not an ideal girlfriend for him.

There’s a new Asian lady who just started working yesterday. She is older and has some gray hair. She is experienced at working in hotels and knows how to make a lot of the food already. She was wearing a long skirt. I envied her for having a skirt to wear – I would actually like to dress similarly to her. I just don’t have any clothes and don’t have my sewing machine. She came in and didn’t seem to have a place to go, and nobody was showing her what to do, so she was hanging around the sink helping with dishes, and there was already another guy there helping with dishes.

I had a feeling she needed something. Even though I have been there only three days, I knew a little bit more than she did about this place. So I asked her her name. That is all it took. I just had to be kind enough and considerate enough to ask her for her name, and it opened her up and started her into the process of being accepted. She can speak English, although it is slightly broken English, but enough to understand her. After talking to her and interacting with her a bit I figured she is LSI-ISTj. She reminds me of Hillary Clinton. Korean Hillary Clinton. I *think* she’s Korean but I don’t know, she could be any Asian and I can’t necessarily recognize which Asian from which region. There are differences, but it takes some expertise to know. Asians *don’t* all look alike.

So I showed her the place where we chop the vegetables, and after I put her into that place, she did fine on her own – she already knew how to do everything, although she was doing a few things slightly differently than we did. I felt that I had done something very important, by reaching out to her, by noticing that she felt out of place, by noticing that she had potential, by respecting her competence, by respecting an elder. Now, someone else needs to put her into even better places, because I know she can do more than this. She has so much previous experience. She can cook, she can do everything we do here at this restaurant – it only takes someone to invite her in, reach out to her, bring her over, and then listen to her with respect. She said she used to be a very shy person until she went to church, but she felt accepted at church and she learned to speak out more.

This is an example of ‘dualizing with the superego.’ I probably used my superego, maybe. I don’t know. I felt that it was a social duty to reach out to someone, to make sure she was treated fairly. In a way, I did what an EIE-ENFj would have done for her, if they had been there, but there wasn’t anybody else there performing that function, so I had to do it, however intermittently, however for only a short moment of time. I feel that when I interact with Beta STs – that we are attracted to each other’s superegos, that we can feel them in there, even if they are weak. I like the Beta STs because I can see their +Fi and -Ne, even though those functions are weak and disvalued. And at the same time, we have similar interests and similar knowledge, because we are all STs and tend to gather the same type of information in our strongest functions. I have often liked music by male SLE-ESTps quite a lot, and maybe females too but can’t recall a lot of examples – I am not sure of the types of a lot of singers.

I don’t like to spend a huge amount of time with ISTJs, but I can do it for a while. My roommate in college was an ISTJ, and we did actually have a good friendship during that time, although she often expressed a sort of condescending disrespect for me and my way of life and my way of being. It wasn’t the type of friendship where we loved each other so much we wanted to stay together forever afterwards. We were just roommates. But we did have some long conversations where she would tell me about her personal life and her problems.

My incentive to learn Spanish has changed slightly – I am no longer surrounded by Guatemalans speaking Spanish all day long. Now I am surrounded by Koreans who speak English, all of them, just fine, although they occasionally slip back into Korean. I have no objection to learning an Asian language and Asian writing, but it would take a lot more time and I’d have to focus on learning it the oralite way instead of the literate way. You have to learn Asian languages as though they are oralite, without writing, because the images of their language are non-phonetic. You can’t tell how a word sounds by looking at its image. You have to already know the sound of the word, and attach that entire sound to that entire image. Learning the sound of the word is a whole separate process, the phonetics of the words.

But Agustin is answering. I still have to learn Spanish so that I can reach out to him and be part of his life. If I am learning Spanish so that I can talk with him, that helps him understand that I really care about him. It means I can even help him to get jobs or something. I could translate for him or at least be there to make sure there were no misunderstandings. This is hypothetical – it’s just something I *could* do, not necessarily something that will happen.

The one lady at Maki Yaki, Myra, is a LIE-ENTj. I am ‘supervising’ her in socionics. I admire her ability to predict things that are going to happen in time. Yesterday, for example, she predicted that we would get a lot of Korean orders for the kitchen at lunchtime, but that we would get a lot of sushi orders after the football game was over. This was because the Asians were ordering at lunchtime, but the Americans would be ordering after they got out of the football game.

The Korean food is actually better than the sushi, I think. Actually, I have complaints about all food, really. I have very strict standards about what I think real food should be. I have the same complaints for every restaurant – that they are using only the most common, most familiar, most easily purchased, boring, mainstream fruits and vegetables and meats. Just chicken – never guinea pig. Just chicken legs and breasts – never chicken livers, gizzards, brains, or chicken feet made into broth. Just cucumbers – never wild foraged roots and leaves. So many exotic mushrooms, but we always get the normal mushrooms. Just carrots, just orange ones, never multicolored carrots, never any other root vegetables.

Weird foods require testing. Sometimes they contain toxins that cause stomach irritation or other health problems, such as hopniss. I haven’t attempted to eat hopniss yet. I’m just letting it grow. So not all weird foods are easily eaten in a restaurant. I understand this. I’m the person who will do all of that testing for the first time. I’m the one who finds out what’s wrong with this food and why aren’t we eating it.

But even so, there are plenty of weird foods out there that are still mainstream enough that I know they are edible and don’t cause major problems. And it irritates me that we don’t get those.

However, the people who *do* sometimes use weird foods, such as the Wegmans buffet, still have too much emphasis on weird vegetables, and not enough emphasis on weird meats or weird fruits. We can find quinoa and … what is that root which is like hopniss? It begins with a J or something. It’s from Mexico. I ate it and it upset my stomach. What the hell is it. Jicama. They have jicama in one of the salads at the buffet. I think that was what gave me the uncontrollable explosive diarrhea that one time. Just like hopniss, it contains a pesticide, which causes the nerves in the digestive system to fire uncontrollably. It’s a natural pesticide from the plant itself. I didn’t eat that salad, but I think there was cross contamination from the jicama.

So anyway, they have quinoa and jicama. But that’s really all. They have a small organic section on the salad bar. There is just so much variety out there and it’s nowhere to be found. They only use whatever is ‘popular.’

I can envision an entire salad bar made with nothing but uncommon foods, and I will deliberately and explicitly exclude all familiar foods. You want spinach? Too bad, it sucks to be you. If you want spinach, go to some other restaurant, because you won’t find a single leaf of spinach on my salad bar (I love spinach, but, alas, it violates the uncommonness principle). You will find, maybe, lambs quarters. You will find amaranth. I will have tested these weeds myself to find out if they have irritating poisons that cause stomach upset or other symptoms.

I won’t put that one thing on there which contains a cardiac glycoside – it’s that small plant which is water-filled – there is a word which for some reason is always being removed from my mind by the mind control. I remember noticing that this word kept being removed over and over, so I made this list of words that were being removed, and started singing them in order to try to memorize them again. One of the words was the word for plants like cacti, which hold water inside them. No matter how many times I tried to remember this word, it would always be removed from my mind again. I got very angry – when I would try to remember it, the voices would say the wrong word in my head, so loudly that I could not recall the right word. They’re doing it right this very minute, because I am trying to remember the word. They’re saying ‘turbulent, turgid’ – it’s not that. Fleshy plants. The name of the plant begins with P.

Anyway I tested that plant a few years ago. They say it’s eaten a lot in some foreign countries, actually sold in the grocery store, but I won’t eat it. I ate only a couple leaves and they felt fine at first, but many hours later, when they entered my large intestine, I felt like I was having a heart attack. ‘Pitocin’ is not the name of the plant. The voices are doing ‘autocorrect.’ They take the first few letters of the word, then put the wrong ending on the word.

Succulent is the word. I don’t know if they took it out of my mind because it sounds like ‘suck,’ which is sexual? Purslane is the name of the plant. I googled these, for the 10,000th time, after having done this exact same thing before. It sounds like ‘purrs lane.’ A cat purrs on the lane. Maybe that’s why they took it out of my head. They are taking away sexual sounding words or jokes. I don’t know. They also were always taking away Frieda Kahlo’s name, over and over and over again, but for some reason they didn’t take it away right now.

Maybe I’ve had a mini-stroke. I had a huge bruise on the back of my right knee. Those bruises come from eating rancid oils. It happened the day after I ate the small amount of soybean paste at work. They gave me a fancy meal, but only on the first day. Now I am getting chicken and rice, variations thereof. I can still buy their food if I want the fancy one. We get chicken and rice for free.

Again, my complaint – not enough healthy fats emphasized in their food. Too many rancid vegetable oils being used. And soy should be completely banned altogether, although yesterday, I ate some edamame seeds. They were just eating them slightly cooked, fresh. I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to eat the outer seed case. I thought they were like green beans, so I just bit right into the outer envelope thing. Then I realized it was so fibrous that I couldn’t chew it up, so next time I only ate the seeds themselves. I felt fatigued immediately after eating them, but it didn’t last long.

Anyway, I did like the pork belly and want to order it again. I’ve just eaten their chicken and rice since then. They served it with fancy salad leaves, which were unsuitable for their purpose. She told me that traditionally the leaves were much larger and were used in exactly the same way as the bread of a sandwich – you put all the food on them and used them to hold it. We don’t have those kinds of leaves, so they just serve a different kind of salad leaf which can’t be used that way. I liked those leaves. I liked having leafy greens along with my pork belly. That is exactly the way I would have eaten at home. They gave me the pork belly, some rice but not a huge amount (exactly like I would at home), the raw leafy greens, the soybean paste for flavor and for fat, and some kimchi (like at home! I love kimchi so much!). That was the best meal I’ve had in a long time.

So maybe something gave me a mini-stroke. You can tell you’re having mini-strokes if you’re also having bruises on other parts of your body appearing for no reason. If they are elsewhere on your body, you can assume you are getting small bruises inside your brain, too. Maybe the same area of my brain is being bruised over and over again for some reason.

I first noticed those after I took some supplements, years ago. I took a vitamin E supplement and also a fish oil supplement at the same time, hoping that the vitamin E would help protect me from the rancidity of the fish oil. That combination gave me bruises all over my entire body. I was limping when I walked because one side of my body was weak – exactly like a stroke. All of this went away quickly. I may have taken a third fat-soluble supplement but don’t recall what it was. Maybe I took coenzyme Q at that time, too. I remember that gave me major problems when I tested it last time.

So – my restaurant, my grocery store, has the weirdest foods. I have a distribution system where local people collect foraged greens from their backyards, but I require them to avoid toxic areas like roadsides. I don’t know – I myself eat leafy greens from the roadsides. Maybe I won’t have such a high standard. Maybe roadside greens are allowed at my restaurant. They just have to be washed, but they will contain particular minerals and substances from the auto exhaust. So my distribution system will be to collect these things at the local level by ordinary people, who bring them to me. Then we serve them. I will make sure they are properly identified and in good condition. If not, we will compost them instead of throwing them away. Don’t pick a plant for nothing, then throw it in the garbage. That is cruelty to plants. The least you can do is compost it again, out of respect for the plant.

Animals are harder to find. I would have wild caught animals, but unfortunately have had no opportunity to test them, and the dangers are greater. Eating animals that contain the rabies virus is a danger. I would want to eat everything, like raccoons and bats, both of which can sometimes have rabies. I would get possums, turtles, mice (and the hantavirus) – all contain parasites, too, in addition to strange viruses. I would get trout from the creek, and crawdads. Crayfish. I would get birds.

Alas, in the world where I live, animals are extremely scarce. The most common might be house birds, such as sparrows, and pigeons. I can eat pigeons. There are deer, but I don’t want to focus on nothing but deer. There are lots of rabbits and squirrels. I can get them, but if you eat too many rabbits, you get ‘rabbit starvation.’ Some people say it’s from lack of fat in the rabbits, but I wonder if it might be a poison. Rabbits might be poisonous. I have not tried eating lots of rabbits over a period of weeks, so I have never experienced ‘rabbit hunger.’ You go crazy and hungry unless you eat some other kind of meat, like red meat or deer. Or buffalo. Elk.

I want biodiversity. That is what I love the most. I want the most biodiverse of all animals and plants to flourish in my world, and I want to catch and eat those things. If there is a way to eat animals without being sickened by poisons, parasites, and viruses, and strange bacteria, I want to know how to do that. I don’t like having a taboo on eating a particular animal, but I might sometimes have to do it out of necessity, if some animal is so poisonous that I don’t recommend eating it. I avoid eating eel – eel blood is poisonous, and when I eat eel in sushi, I become extremely cold, fatigued, and nauseous for hours.

Maybe if I lived in Africa I would avoid eating the bats that have the ebola virus in them. I would put a taboo on eating large apes, but I would probably eat monkeys, even though they are our cousins and they have consciousness. I would not eat the bonobos, the gorillas, or the chimps. Instead of eating them, I would integrate them into our society and train them to do jobs. Think I’m joking? I’m serious. That’s the best way to save the great apes – train them to work on our plantations.

I would eat elephants and whales, too. Those can be eaten
sustainably. Transporting the meat over large distances so that it feeds millions of people all over the planet – that would deplete their populations. Killing the whales only for their whale oil, then letting their bodies rot – that is the way to deplete their
populations. But if you kill them only locally and eat every part of their body except the parts that are so poisonous you absolutely cannot eat them (polar bear liver? and bear liver in general), then they will survive. Switch to a different animal if you notice that a particular animal hasn’t been seen for a while because its population is depleted.

Yesterday I informed a couple coworkers that I would also eat insects. I forgot about that.

So this is my restaurant. It doesn’t exist anywhere. It’s also my grocery store. It’s also my intentional community and my religion and my recreation of society.

I am hungry and I need my own single apartment, so that I can do everything I must do to live. I must cook in the kitchen, which will not be a kitchen but a food factory. I will rip off every single wooden cupboard from the wall and replace all of them with movable shelves and drawers on wheels, so that I can adjust the ergonomics of the space. I will have low tables made for short people from Guatemala, and high tables made for Kat the tall waitress from Russia, who cuts the sushi on a table too low for her and it hurts her back. It’s Zootopia.

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