‘Homebase’ app wants to spy on my through my phone

The restaurant where I’m applying for a job, Maki Yaki (recommended by one of the waitresses at Kaarma), has this app called ‘Homebase,’ which you use for clocking in and looking at your schedule. It’s possible to just use the web page, which I am doing, because as soon as I saw the dozens of unnecessary app permissions, I was thinking, you know, I’m a really naive trusting person, but, seriously? This clock-in app needs to look at my PHOTOS? It needs to listen to my phone calls and my microphone? It needs to use my camera? It needs to see my saved documents? I just use it to clock in and out of shifts and that’s all! That must be what they mean by ‘and more,’ when they say you use it to clock in, look at your schedule, and more. You can also look at your coworkers’ sexting photos!

Japanese people are smarter than I am. Their brains are faster. I might be able to arrive at similar results if I had more time and if I weren’t being electronically attacked. Every human is being attacked, but people whose brains already work better will still perform better, unless they are being specifically targeted. I’m just referring to the overall background radiation that is attacking everybody in general, not the people who are being singled out for worse attacks.

I need to wash this hoodie. I don’t have a pillow (pillows are in the tent and have been destroyed by mold, because the forces have been preventing me from moving into the tent or maintaining my belongings – they are forcing me to remain in this house), so I sleep on the hoodies as pillows. They are covered with Roundup herbicide or something, because, on the night when I lost my job, I walked up into the fields and laid down on the grass. There are these fields where they are growing wheat or some kind of grass, maybe not wheat, I don’t know. After I got up, I was weak and could not walk in a straight line, and became extremely exhausted. The hoodie I was wearing is now covered with an unknown substance that is causing severe fatigue. It will cause fatigue for months unless I wash both the hoodie and also now the sheets of the bed and the blanket, ideally.

I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night – I was exposed to an unknown substance in an unknown place. It really seemed like I got something just by going into Starbucks. I didn’t buy coffee. I bought a bottled juice, and also a little bakery item, because I was having cravings. I absolutely did not buy coffee, but I was wide awake all evening and most of the night as though I had had coffee. I have suspected that there is an element of coffee which is vaporized into the air, which vanishes shortly after you grind the coffee. Maybe I inhaled that. Maybe there was cross-contamination of coffee into the bakery item. I don’t know. I only know that I absolutely could not fall asleep last night.

Now I am exhausted, and I have to go to something, I don’t know what, at Maki Yaki, an interview or maybe my first day on the job, I’m not sure. I have to take a shower and wash my hair and comb it.

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