Mike is already “helpfully” suggesting Manpower

I had to tell him last night, because he noticed I wasn’t going to work. I already know about Manpower and don’t want to do a temp job, because there is even LESS control over the schedule. If you think I hate narrow-minded sexist LSIs who worship the sacred schedule, you should see how I hate temp agencies. I actually went and talked nicely to Freddy today and tried to negotiate possibly working as a waitress a couple days a week, so I can call someone a moronic sociopath one day in my blog and then turn around and have a friendly conversation with them the next day. Not so with a temp agency. They are EVEN MORE rigid, inflexible, and impersonal. You are even more of a soulless replaceable part to them than you are at someplace like Kaarma.

Oh but anyway so Mike sent me an email suggesting Manpower. I will do Manpower if all else fails, but not sooner. I applied at a place down the street recommended by our waitress Kat.


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