The evil hasn’t ended

Freddy from Kaarma decided to continue being a sociopathic moron, and instead of looking for a way to get some alternative person to work on my two days off, he says he got a full time dishwasher as a
replacement for me. I wonder how much this new person is being paid. Are they a male instead of a female? Is he paying them $700 a week because they’re a guy, and paying their rent for them as well? Or is it another person so desperate for a job that they will take (oh no, here go the voices in my head screaming ‘I’M SORRY, I’M SORRY, I’M SORRY’ screaming so loudly that I can’t hear myself think) $400 a week to work 60 hours?

It’s obvious to me, get one of the waitresses to temporarily do dishes, but only on Monday and Tuesday. The need for flexible scheduling is not a mere luxury. It is not a crazy demand that crazy white Americans are doing. It is an absolute necessity of life. So shut the fuck up, you stupid screaming voices. This evil is continuing.

Let every dishwasher who works there quit after a week. I hope they never, ever find a single dishwasher who will stay more than a couple days. Until he finally understands that flexible scheduling is a necessity, not a luxury, not some weird new idea, but a basic need.

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