Strategy of the war against electronic mind control

7:24 PM 9/11/2016

I got nothing done today, except I went out and got cat food for Jacob, because he was acting like there was a problem with the cat food I got him – he seemed to be itching, and was reluctant to eat the food. He would eat a few bites, then stop and meow. He was agitated and uncomfortable all night long. I can’t tell if he’s just sick with a virus, or if the cat food was poisoning him or causing an allergy. He seems to be sick in a long lasting way – not as bad right now as he was, but still, somewhat less energetic than usual. I changed his food and he ate it without a problem, so there was something maybe wrong with the other one. I wasn’t willing to taste it myself. He’s still scratching more itches than he should be. Itchiness can actually be a sign of kidney failure, which is often caused by melamine contamination in cat food. Or it can just be some other unknown substance causing itching – I don’t know.

I took a nap, and when I woke up the voices were asking me about my strategy of fighting a war. My strategy of fighting a war is completely different from the strategy of the general public and the government. Their strategy appears to go something like this:

Step 1. “Hey! Those people over there are making funny faces at me!”

Step 2. Kill ’em all.

I have a much longer series of steps and processes in my war. I am constantly aware of disinformation, so if a bunch of people are making faces at me, I ask the questions of whether they really are the people I should be fighting the war against, or whether it’s a false flag operation.

I also view my war as an eternal battle – I and my people are the immune system, organs performing a function for eternity. You cannot just fight a war and be done with it. War always grows back. War is a constant onslaught coming from all directions for all eternity. Somebody somewhere will always start doing something wrong, even if you temporarily stopped some other people from doing something wrong.

My first step is simply to determine where the attacks are coming from. Since I personally am fighting a war against electronic mind control, which is invisible, this is an extremely difficult step. It requires special equipment to detect and analyze the attacks, and other equipment to determine where the attacks are coming from.

I also assume that I can’t be 100% sure where these attacks are coming from, because, for example, maybe the attacks are reflected or bounced off an object so it seems like they are coming from the wrong direction, or maybe they are repeated through other objects so that the original source of the attack is actually far away, but some nearby objects just repeated the signal. That’s based on ‘repeaters’ in the world of telephones and radio – they just carry signals long distances by repeating a signal sent to them. If you only received a signal from the nearest tower, you still might not know its original source, even though you might be correct in observing that it came from the nearest tower.

I mention ‘towers’ because some people think that mind control attack frequencies are coming from the ‘cell phone’ towers, which have some other name that people are calling them – GWEN towers, I think. I am not entirely sure that’s really where they come from. However I myself have observed things happening when I approach cell phone towers, and I know that all towers in general, and anything that emits electromagnetic radiation, are harmful in general, even if they are not the source of the specific mind control attacks.

So I must train the trainers, spread the gospel through time and space – I must guarantee that others besides myself will fight this war after I am gone, and fight this war simultaneously in other locations in space while I am fighting it.

I don’t want to feel like my efforts are futile – like, for instance, if I destroy once source of the attacks, I know that millions of other attackers will just jump right in and fill the space and continue the attacks, so that I have no impact at all on the attacks. I want my efforts not to be wasted. I want to effectively have an impact on the attacks. If I destroy a suspected source of the attacks, I want to know that it won’t just be instantly fixed tomorrow.

I also have a defensive approach – making an immediate, partial, temporary defense is crucial, and for me, that means some kind of electromagnetic shielding. That isn’t enough to win the war, but it’s enough to help me survive and enough to help me think more clearly. I still want to walk around freely in the open air without being attacked, and I want that same thing for everyone.

So in order to move to the next step, I have to be asked, ‘Assume that somebody did that, and you knew whatever you needed to know – what would be the next step?’ I would want to know how all the attack sources worked together as a system. I would want to understand the system. If you destroy only one small part of a system, then the rest of the system will take over and continue attacking, making it seem like your efforts were futile. This wastes resources.

Then, there are more systems that all work together to create the attacks. This is a war against the entire banking system, the chemical manufacturing system, the metal refining industry, the economic system, the military industrial complex, the communication system, the drug industry, the oil industry, land ownership and real estate – many industries and systems are involved, and they have resources so huge you cannot even conceive of them. That’s aside from the agencies that are explicitly military.

So, if that were done, what would be the next step? That particular step cannot be ‘done,’ it can only be approximated, because there is simply too much to understand. At some point you have to take action without completely understanding the systems of the enemy and how all the systems interact. But it would be helpful to find some weakness or vulnerability in the system, some crucial spot where you could do a huge amount of damage with the smallest resources and the fewest risks. Calculate the costs, risks, and consequences or effects of attacking some particular point in the system, and communicate this with your people, so that maybe different attacks can be coordinated for greatest effects.

Like, destroy a tower that is emitting mind control attacks, and simultaneously destroy the replacement parts that they would go out and buy in order to rebuild the tower, or destroy the trucks used to deliver the parts, or something. That way, the tower is down for a longer time before they rebuild it.

Again, ‘towers’ are just a hypothetical example. From the article I just read recently, someone was saying that there are HAARP-like arrays located on many small islands and underwater. Those are, quite likely, a source of many attacks. HAARP is ‘high altitude auroral research project,’ or, an ionospheric heater. To make a long story short, it shoots energy into the sky and does something up in the atmosphere, which has effects elsewhere and eventually might go back down to earth and have effects there.

So at some point, you decide to attack a particular component of a particular system at a particular moment in time. What happens to the entire system as a result? How long do the effects last? Once again, put it into this context, that you are the permanent immune system of humanity, and your job for the rest of eternity, and the job of all your people and your children’s children, is to protect us against these mind control attacks, which will always eternally be rebuilt and recreated by the enemy.

Whatever you do next depends on how many resources you have. If you have a huge amount of resources, you can do whatever you want whenever you want, but if you have only a tiny amount of resources (like the good guys usually do), then you have to be extremely frugal and conservative in your efforts.

There is also the social aspect of the war. Which belief systems are responsible for people thinking that using mind control on an entire population is a good, necessary thing to do? How do you fight against those belief systems? How do you teach people to believe that freedom of the mind is a good thing, not a bad thing? A huge population of freedom-valuing people provides more protection than a huge population of freedom-hating sheeple.

So that is how I see this war. Since I have no resources at all, I can’t even begin the first step of building my own personal
electromagnetic shield so that I can think more clearly without interruptions. I can’t even begin to move on to any other steps. All the steps are expensive and require a huge amount of expensive equipment and resources. For example there is equipment that’s able to analyze the electromagnetic environment around you, but it costs, like, $20,000 just to buy one of the most basic ones. Does anyone just have $20,000 lying around that I can use to buy some spectrum analyzers?

How I fight a war, and how the government fights a war, are two completely different things. The government fights this war by not even telling us what’s going on, then doing horrible things without our consent. I was reading about chemtrails and they said that they were being told the chemtrails serve some kind of defensive purpose to protect us against weapons that affect the atmosphere, or something. But this does not justify spraying chemicals throughout the entire sky, when you haven’t even bothered to inform the general public about the fact that weather-controlling weapons exist. And why can’t we just go to the sources and attack those weather-controlling weapons and get rid of them? Nope, gotta poison the entire planet with chemicals.

So, people think this is a lie, and not the real reason for the chemtrails. I think the chemtrails are being used to distribute things like the ‘god-killing virus.’ There is a leaked video, which you can see on youtube, of people talking about designing a virus that destroys the religious part of the brain, and then spraying this chemical over the entire population. That’s the type of thing in the chemtrails. Dumbing down the population and making everyone so sick and weak that they can’t even function is the result. Their attacks might not even WORK to achieve the intended result, and they don’t care, and they don’t have to care about achieving results, because they have such huge resources that they can afford to waste them on gigantic programs that don’t do anything.

That was a crucial part of leading me to believe in chemtrails. I had to learn, over many years, that the government already does millions of stupid, horrible, ineffective things that don’t achieve any useful results, and they don’t have to bother themselves with worrying about whether it achieves any results or not, because they have limitless resources, and all of the people in the government are insane. Insane people with limitless resources can do pointless, horrible things, like vaccinate everybody or spray chemtrails over the entire planet for no reason only to find that it actually does nothing but make the sky look ugly and make everyone miserable. I learned that yes, this behavior does in fact characterize government.

There are still people out there who believe that the government is smart, capable, and good, and that the things they’re doing actually serve a useful purpose and achieve their intended results. Chemtrails sounds insane, and ‘expensive insanity’ characterizes the government – insanity is the type of thing that the government does every day of its existence. So it fits with all the other insane things they are already doing. OF COURSE they’re spraying chemtrails. Who cares about what they believe they’re accomplishing, who cares whether they’re actually accomplishing that goal or not – it doesn’t matter! We’ve got trillions of dollars to throw around and nobody to stop us!

I’m really tired. I need to take a shower. I sat in the bathtub a while but that’s not enough. I also need to make plans for what I will get done on my days off. I am torn between different goals.

3 Responses to “Strategy of the war against electronic mind control”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Can you taste the shotgun?

    …feel dangerous?

    or DENIAL!


  2. Nicole Says:

    I don’t know, I watched a documentary called ‘Kurt and Courtney’ that made me believe Kurt was murdered instead of committing suicide. Anyway, suicide as a strategy for this war is an option that’s unacceptable to me – I’m gonna stick it out to the very end, no matter what happens, just to see how it goes. Hope you are doing okay yourself.

  3. Nicole Says:

    Whatever happened with you, anyway? I got the impression that the highway wanted to pave over your house, or something.

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