Today sucks more than usual

A guy is fixing our dish sprayer. I can’t catch up with the pile of pots and pans and buckets and tubs. I’m cramping and my ibuprofen isnt working as well as I need it to. It might be that I drank milk with it, and milk is a binder. I just realized milk must be a malnourishing substance if it is a binder. Wouldn’t it deplete minerals then?

I’m in the bathroom but we’re too busy for me to stay here. Cramps get worse as stools move through the intestines and push on the uterus. When cramps are bad I go to the bathroom constantly. I’m not in agony, but rather I want to stop the agony before it happens, so I took a third ibuprofen.

Separate fantasy from reality with Agustin… How can we be together? They took him away deliberately. He was always close. I miss him. His loud voice would cheer me up today. You can’t walk in and not know that he is there – you hear him.

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