the Weed Release program

I have a strange task to do. I planted a bunch of herbs, and some of them grew, but a lot of weeds grew along with them. I kept the weeds this whole time and just let them grow because I thought they were pretty. But now I’m going to release them into the wild, and I just have to choose a location where they won’t be mowed with a lawnmower all the time. It has to be within walking distance of my house. I have two things which I have to keep indoors – two pots with avocados growing in them. One pot has hopniss, which I am going to plant in Walnut Springs and let it grow wild and hopefully proliferate. It’s a native plant. It belongs in a protected nature reserve. I tried growing other stuff, like sage, but had a very hard time getting any sage to sprout, and I think the seeds of sage have to be cracked or damaged or the seed coat has to be peeled first before they will sprout. I will try again sometime, but now is not the time, as I am trying to move into the tent and it’s almost winter.

Strange, my love of weeds. I don’t like to kill the weeds just because they are weeds, although there are some exceptions – around my tent area, I have ripped out a lot of the bushes growing there, because there are just so many of them I can’t move around and had to clear space for my tent, and also, I’m inclined to remove the weird version of the poison ivy that grows near my tent, too – it’s an abnormal form of poison ivy that resembles a strawberry plant almost, with the sawtooth edges of the leaves and with the leaf vein pattern being totally different from normal poison ivy; yet, it does cause itching, although less intense itching. I have no idea what this plant is. I tend to remove that sometimes, but only when it’s in my way.

But I have this invasive weed in my pots that I thought was pretty, this thing with little blue flowers. It spreads so quickly, it tried to spread out of the pots – the stems landed on the ground next to the pots and they put down roots wherever they touched. I’ve googled it before but I forget what it is.

I’m really tired and I wonder if I’ve been exposed to some pesticide or something. Also, I’ve been drinking cream for the last few days as an experiment – I used to do that at Taco Bell. It helps me stop being so hungry. I won’t be able to keep fresh cream at the camp, but I can still just buy it and take it to work with me. I suspect that drinking a whole lot of dairy products causes body odor. Other people on the internet have said the same.


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