Now I have more work to do

I rested, and now I have to go out again. I’m going to work on the tent and make it livable. It still isn’t livable at the moment. I need to get ready to move in.

My wish:

I wish that Freddy would figure out that he can use perhaps one of the waitresses, or two, in two separate shifts, to take over the days that I have off, instead of hiring a whole new person to take an entire 60 hours a week.

And, that he fails to find anyone who will agree to work those 60 hours a week, even if it’s a woman with low self-esteem who just lost a previous job and feels vulnerable, even if it’s a desperate foreign refugee who will work 60 hours just to receive a dish of chicken and rice twice a day – that there will be no foreign refugees willing to take my entire 60 hour week even if he offers them PAID RENT like he gives to the other people, plus a large amount of money, like he gives to the other people, or $9 or $10 an hour like he gives to the waitresses even though they’re white Americans. What? He gives waitresses $9 or $10 an hour? That’s what I’ve heard. He steals the tips off the tables and doesn’t distribute them, from what I’ve been told. Oops! Don’t let Freddy steal those tips off the tables, people. That’s the kind of guy he is. So, the waitresses don’t get any tips, even if they dress like whores. It doesn’t matter if you dress like a whore or a bag lady (as I do), you won’t get any tips there.

Nope – dishwashers aren’t important, unless they’re men, in which case we might consider paying them hundreds of dollars more than we pay the woman. It is my wish that no man will take my job, no matter how much rent is paid for them, no matter what special deals are made for them, no matter what starving foreign country they come from, no one will take this entire 60 hour week. It is easy to get a waitress or some other person to temporarily do the work for only two days a week, and pay them the same $9 or $10 they always get paid.

And then, I will get at least $400 for the remaining four days that I work, so it will be $400 a week, for working only four days. $100 a day, at least, preferably even more than that, but that’s just for starters.

I would recommend hiring a human resources consultant to do the task of scheduling your people more flexibly and acknowledging that they are human beings who have needs and lives outside of work, if you can’t do that yourself.


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