The great Will suddenly reappeared

Will, an ESE-ESFj, who used to work at McDonald’s – we all loved him, but he moved to Colorado. He de-friended people on facebook, and I understand why – he didn’t want people begging him to stay, when he needed to do something for himself. A couple people found him and communicated with him.

Suddenly today he was re-friending me on facebook, and apparently, he re-friended several other people at the same time, because I saw someone wrote on his page, ‘Will! My old friend!’ as though they were surprised and happy to see him again.

And I looked at a post – it was something shared from another person’s page – and suddenly I remembered, we are fighting a great and terrible war. These people are being invaded. I saw photos with groups of people holding their hands in the air. I saw someone talking about the battle between the colonials and the natives. It is a different world out there in the west. It is a different world in the Alpha Quadra, where they value the traditional lifestyle of the natives and value their right to live this way on the land that is being stolen from them.

I am not a ‘native,’ although I was born here. But I am a sympathizer in the white society. We are all born slaves in society. We do not consent to be born in this society, in this type of world. If we don’t like the type of world we live in, it is extremely hard to get out of it and find a better type of world, especially when you are lacking information about where you might want to live.

I wanted to go to Colorado, after I went there on a school trip for Gifted Class, the Odyssey of the Mind competition (it used to be called ‘Olympics of the Mind,’ but they were forced to change the word ‘Olympics.’). I had planned to move there, but then, I temporarily moved to State College, and was swallowed by Nakrivich and forced to remain all these twenty or so years.

Nakrivich is spreading westward. The states there are less populated, and they are still living a semi-rural lifestyle. But Nakrivich wants everything. Nakrivich wants to make the entire western part of the continent look exactly like the entire eastern part of the continent. Nakrivich wants them to obey. There are Native Americans out there trying to live a subsistence lifestyle or at least a rural lifestyle, trying to live on the land without owning it. This war is going on.

So I don’t understand what they were talking about in this facebook post because I haven’t seen the beginning of the story. I just know that I was refreshed and made full of life and hope and energy once again at the sight of people WHO KNOW THAT WE ARE AT WAR. I am surrounded with thousands upon thousands of people who have no clue at all that we are at war. They are living their stable, peaceful, comfortable lives and they know NOTHING about what is going on, and if they knew, they wouldn’t understand. They don’t understand that land ownership is where this evil comes from, all of their suffering, and what I call Nakrivich – everything including genocide, depopulation, brainwashing, electronic mind control, bad food –

I complain about bad food. It might seem like I’m demanding ‘rich’ food or ‘wealthy people’s food.’ But that is not what this is. This is primitive food. It used to be obtained FOR FREE by people living on the land, who were eating foods so expensive that not even the richest people in America are eating them now – things like raw whale blubber, seal oil and raw seal and seal organs, eaten while sitting on the floor, their hands covered with blood – this is not ‘fancy gourmet,’ this is primitive food, and it is the most nourishing food for human beings.

But ‘Nakrivich,’ slavery, the forces of society, settled agriculture, all of that, took that away from us, so that we can only eat pesticide-covered factory farm foods which are grown in faraway places so that we cannot walk outside and pick fruit off a tree. We can eat factory-farmed seafood which contains no nutrients and which was fed nothing but soy and grain.

I know I will get some parasites from eating this raw seafood that I ate tonight. It was farmed seafood, surely, but even so it always has some parasites in it. Wild caught seafood has even more parasites. It’s not the bacteria that’s the problem with raw food, it’s parasites. I’ve even gotten parasites from drinking raw milk. Parasites are taboo, so taboo that the people who complain about raw milk don’t even mention the parasites, they only talk about bacteria. All parasites are viewed as imaginary, as hypochondria, because you’re the only person who can feel them inside you, moving and crawling around. I’ve felt them. I’ve eaten small bits of raw meat.

You can die from eating large amounts of raw meat that contains trichinella parasites. However, it’s also possible to survive with massive trichinella infections for a lifetime, which are discovered during your autopsy and are not the cause of death – it’s an incidental discovery. ‘Hey! He died in a car crash, but look at all this trichinellosis inside his diaphragm!’

So, there is some kind of balance, some kind of safe way to eat parasites and survive, maybe by only eating a little bit at a time, maybe by eating them from the moment you’re born, maybe by never getting vaccinated so as to make sure that your immune system functions properly. I don’t know the way. I know they are extremely uncomfortable, and they make me go crazy, and they give off toxins that cause me to feel extremely exhausted – but then, on their own, they vanish and go away after a day or two. That is what I have experienced, over and over again, when I’ve gotten nonlethal parasites from food, including raw milk. I get parasites EVERY TIME I drink raw milk, not just ‘occasionally,’ not just as a ‘risk’ or ‘possibility’ or ‘something that might happen on extremely rare occasions,’ but rather, EVERY TIME. But they don’t kill me, and they just vanish.

However, you have to put up with a night of being kept awake by the sensations of things crawling through your body, inside you, in places where they don’t belong.

Raw fish is so much easier to eat than cooked fish. I just wolf it down and I eat lots of it. Other people have observed that the quality of raw meat is completely different from cooked meat, easier to eat, and faster to digest. I become quickly disgusted by the dry, grainy texture of cooked fish, and stop enjoying it after a couple bites, and cannot force myself to choke it down after that. But this raw fish, I just practically inhaled all of it quickly. We were not meant to eat cooked meat.

There are vegetarian, herbivorous animals that also have been witnessed eating meat, like whitetail deer, or apes. People use them as examples of what we are supposed to be – look! the deer and the apes are vegan, so why can’t we be? They’re not vegan. They actually catch and eat raw meat, or, in the case of deer, have been witnessed stealing a piece of steak off someone’s plate at a picnic, or eating birds that have gotten caught in a trap.

So, there is Will. The Alpha Quadra – people holding their hands in the air and shouting their anger. We are being wronged. I feel this. I see it in them. I don’t express it that way, I can’t express it, and I can’t convince other people to agree with my issues, many of which are esoteric – but I feel this sense of being wronged and I value their expression of it. I am not a ‘native,’ other than being born here. But I am a slave born into a society that I hate and which I cannot escape from. I relate to what they are saying.


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