Orderup – seafood and stuff

I ordered something from Sakura, a sushi restaurant. I’ve eaten there maybe once or twice before. They were good, but it took like an hour to wait for my food. This is fancy food, where every molecule must be in exactly the right position so that it looks pretty. They wrap one thing inside another thing inside another thing, and, using a microscope and a pair of tweezers, insert one molecule into a bunch of other molecules to make the perfect sushi creations. That is why it took so long. And I got the wrong thing. I ordered ‘salmon roe’ (eggs), and they gave me ‘salmon roll,’ because they were Chinese and they can’t say the letter L, so they assumed I couldn’t say the letter L either. It was confusing. Fortunately, since I was ordering from a web page today, there was no confusion about the letter L.

I do appreciate OrderUp. It’s an outside agency that delivers your food for you, if you don’t have your own delivery at your restaurant.

I’m expecting to wait maybe two or three hours for my food tonight. It’s a football weekend, and this is a sushi restaurant where you wait an hour for them to use their microscopes and tweezers to put each molecule in the right position. Actually, these are Asians – they actually have better eyesight (not worse, as most people jokingly / racist-ly claim that they do) and better hand-eye coordination than white Europeans do, so they don’t need a microscope. They use their psychic powers to arrange the molecules of the sushi in the right position.

You should look online at all the tiny, miniature things that Asians like to make by hand. They make tiny jello creations with tiny little colored sculptures inside them, but I forget what they’re called. They also make miniature houses with miniature furniture and miniature food. Chinese people have a different brain than we do. It has been documented – Dario Nardi said that when he studied the brain of a Japanese person, they had this one small section that did all the work very efficiently for a particular task he was testing them on, and he observed that they think a larger number of thoughts per second than we do – faster brain activity. They talk faster even when speaking English, and they express emotions faster and make faster movements.

I love Asians, but I actually don’t think I would feel comfortable dating someone who was always smarter and faster than I am,
constantly, in their speech. I don’t feel that way with the Guatemalans – my dear Agustin seemed to be exactly compatible with me in terms of his speed of movements and thoughts, although they are faster moving in the kitchen because they are tiny and lightweight.

All I did today was sleep, and I took a shower, and I combed my hair. Is this supposed to be my ONE DAY OFF? Is that all I’m supposed to be able to do on my one day off, just sleep a lot, shower, comb my hair, and order food? That sounds productive – I bet I must be making a lot of progress in my life.

I am taking two days off, Monday and Tuesday, and I will have rested and recovered just enough by then to start doing something productive. And I have a million emergencies that need to be dealt with. MILLIONS OF EMERGENCIES on my to-do list. These are things that only I myself can do, in person.

The concept of being PAID WITH TIME OFF – this is a form of payment. You are paid with free time. How would you monetize that? Little chips that you turn in to your employer when you want to cash them in and take time off? The workplaces would be designed so that people could replace you. You would get paid with some normal money, but also you would receive timeoff chips too. This would not be merely ‘vacation time accumulated.’ These are things you can use any day, any time. The business must be arranged in such a way that it can function when you cash these chips in.

I know I can’t demand $700 a week from Freddy. He would simply refuse, and the only way I could get the money was by pulling it out of the cash register myself. He would retaliate if I did that. The only thing I can do is refuse to work so many hours, and yet, I didn’t really want to quit – all I would find is more jobs doing exactly that same thing. There are very few places that offer truly flexible hours where you can choose when you want to work. Most places offer extremely rigid schedules, which I call ‘worshiping the sacred schedule.’ The temp agencies are even worse. Freddy, who I view as extremely inflexible in his scheduling, is actually slightly more flexible than the temp agency. The temp agency would have coldly and ruthlessly fired me instantly from my job if I told them I couldn’t work on particular days. Freddy is probably firing me too, but there is a slight delay, as he has to find a replacement for me. The temp agency always has an immediate replacement.

And there is a slight chance that Freddy will actually allow me to just work this schedule, and he will somehow cover the work on Monday and Tuesday without me – I am hoping that this is the way we go. It seems like a possibility, but I’m not sure and I’ll know when I find out. I’ll be disappointed if he fires me completely and replaces me with somebody else who will work 60 hours a week, but I’m betting he’ll hire a man, maybe a foreign man, and he will pay them a lot more money to do it, much more than $400 a week. That is what I predict he will do to completely replace me. It’s unthinkable to pay me $700 a week, but I’m sure he would hire a man and pay them $700 a week to work 60 hours.

I gained something important – I quit caffeine because I thought I was pregnant. Even though I don’t view life as a bucket list with memorable experiences to check off, the mind controllers do view it that way, and so, I can check off my list the special experience of having sex with Agustin one time, perhaps never again, and thinking for several days that I might be pregnant until I google searched for how many days the egg survives after ovulation, and realized it was too late for my egg. And then I started having these lingering lurking premenstrual cramps making me think every single day that I was about to start my period, only to have it not start yet. That is where I am now.



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