Not busy at work… False pregnancy may be caused by semen hormones?

We’re really slow, ironically because of the football game. Usually football means (in my mind) being insanely busy. That was yesterday.

I think that I’m going to have a temporary false pregnancy, because the semen triggers a hormone flood in the uterus, and maybe, the uterus assumes it is going to be pregnant, so it hangs on to a state where it’s waiting for the fetus to grow. If that doesn’t happen it still sits there waiting and refuses to menstruate. Maybe that doesn’t always happen. It’s just a theory. I’ve only been accidentally exposed to tiny quantities of semen by accident before so I don’t know what to expect.

I tried looking in my blog for a mention of when my last period began, but it was hard to find and I decided I would wait till after work. In July it was in the middle of the month around the 16th when I talked about the Spanish word "toallas."

False pregnancies occur in animals and they are not psychological. If it happens to a human it gets blamed on hypochondria and mental illnesses.

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