Sick for real

I have diarrhea, I’m extremely exhausted, but my cough is gone. Everyone is coughing, on the bus, etc.

I am thinking of Agustin. Alejandro is okay but "they" wonder if he’s ESE-ESFj. I don’t care, I’m with Agustin. I just have to figure out how to meet him. It doesn’t matter what type Alejandro is.


2 Responses to “Sick for real”

  1. Anonymous Says:

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     ayelyahbenjamin
     September 2, 2016 at 5:13 pm
    free will is power
    They need break in
    to redirect
    What you believe in you give rise to
    They tap in
    They have you believing lies
    so you don’t make it full circle
    Because when you make it full circle
    It’s a return from exile
    back to the Garden
    leading the way
    Love is all around
    Piercing through the planet
    those you have loved
    death has no hold
    shaking and waking
    even those who have no desire to be awakened
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  2. Nicole Says:

    beautiful, thank you

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