‘Sausage Party’ is not about atheism

All the critics and reviewers are saying it’s about atheism.

It’s not about atheism. It’s about the time during which you are alive, and what you postpone for the future, which is in the ‘Great Beyond.’ The Great Beyond is not religious heaven. The Great Beyond is that time in your future when everything is perfect. I’ll get pregnant and have a baby – only after I fall in love with my perfect soulmate, only after I’m healthy, only after I’m perfectly secure in my finances, only after all my debts are paid off.

This is the depopulation program.

I told you that movie had a deep message. It is not merely a message about atheism like everyone keeps saying it is.

It is about having the courage to get pregnant even when you aren’t in love, even when the house isn’t paid off, even when you haven’t finished your education, even when you haven’t gotten that promotion you were hoping for at your job.

I know all about the Weston Price deformities and it does matter, a lot. However, I’m 41 years old. I don’t have any more time. I either have an imperfect child, or no child at all.

That’s why I just went with it, during that moment when a young boy wasn’t using a condom and I just said to myself, go with it, don’t worry about it now.

It’s not just about getting pregnant, of course, but that is its relevance to me in particular. It’s about the courage to do anything at all, whatever it is that you are postponing until the Great Beyond when everything is perfect.

You’re chosen, you’re hired, you’re given a great job, you become a famous actor. But then you find that there are these enormous, super powerful, evil forces that are eating us alive, and their cruelty and their evil and their total lack of compassion for us is unimaginable. You see them, with your own eyes, ripping the skins off people and eating them while they scream.

This is the taxes. This is the soul murderers. These are the people who follow you around zapping you with electronic weapons. They are not representing the gods of religion in the movie, but rather, the evil powerful forces that control the world, the material world when you are alive, and maybe to a lesser extent the gods of religion, if you allow those beliefs to control your life in the same way. This is Nakrivich. This is all of the powerful forces that ruin your life and have no compassion.

I’d like to watch the movie again but don’t have much time and it was nearly impossible to watch on my computer with all the technical difficulties. There is almost zero chance of going to a movie theater, unless I do that on my days off.

The Great Beyond is that time in the future when Freddy says it’s okay for me to stay home from work on Monday and Tuesday in addition to Sunday.

I had much more of that attitude long ago, the ‘just do it’ attitude. Now I have a ‘just postpone it’ attitude. This is not entirely my fault, because I am being zapped every few seconds with electronic weapons – that is actually real, that is unavoidable, and I know not to blame myself for that. It’s real. I do not have free will.

I still do actually have to try to make some decisions – I am not entirely a person who wants to just do it, just do everything, without even thinking first and without planning at all, but even so, I can relate to that message and I am able to use it in moments when I have the opportunity to do so.

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