brute force

I at least informed him in advance that I would no longer be working on Monday or Tuesday. I just sent him a text message this morning. It was very brief and blunt. I didn’t give a two week notice before doing this. I’m going to start taking off next Monday. I don’t know what to expect from him when I go in today – he may or may not ask me about the text message.

10 Responses to “brute force”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Gods that once demanded human hearts be ripped out of chest cavities are now placated with Hershey’s kisses and offerings of non-alcoholic sparkling wine.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    “Maybe it’s time to stop being nice, stop being lukewarm, and start getting rough with the world and the people who never played fair to begin with, maybe we learn to accept the world as a dark and dangerous place where the howl of dynamite holds more attention then a hashtag.”;

    The Nobel prize money all comes from????


  3. Anonymous Says:

    How would some poor low level wage slave @ FIDEL react if I called tomorrow and said I wanted to close out my 401K?

    After they choked on their sasprasso and begged a stupidvisor to please help them, they would be befuddled when I required that all my remaining assets after taxes, fines and fees be delivered in gold bullion!

  4. Anonymous Says:

  5. Anonymous Says:

  6. Anonymous Says:

    informed decision

    small letters


  7. Anonymous Says:

    cartoon view of the universe,,,




    I own all my bodies!


  8. Anonymous Says:

    Exhaustive Enumeration

    Brute force is an exhaustive search of all the possible solutions for a problem. It is often easy to implement and will almost definitely find a solution (If there is one). The trade off here is the time required. In terms of Algorithmic complexity, it will be very time consuming and ‘smarter’ ways of solving problems should be employed whenever possible.

    However in some cases, brute force is necessary.


  9. Nicole Says:

    Ooh, I especially love that last bit about ‘delivered in gold bullion…’

  10. Nicole Says:

    Yep… either it’s not being placated anymore, or else it’s not even the same god anymore…

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