Now for the next one – conspiring to procure slaves from foreign countries and working them to death

But I’m not going to write that one now, not a real article, just some quick thoughts. I have to get ready to go to work earlier than usual today.

Quick thoughts:

I don’t want to keep people out of the country. In fact I love these people and I love foreigners. I wish we had more of them, not less of them.

They do need jobs and they need to earn more money than they can in their home country. Their home country is, invariably (it doesn’t matter which country they came from, this is universally true), destroyed by invaders who ruin their traditional
hunter-gatherer-subsistence farmer-herder-fisher way of life, and replace it with nothing, then fill their country with corporations that exploit local resources. Yummy Guatemalan bananas! I bought bananas the other day and noticed the label saying they were from Guatemala.

They come here to try to earn that money so they can help their families survive in their devastated, war-torn home country.

Somebody gets the idea to go bring these people into the USA, transport them somehow, inform them that this opportunity exists, bring them across the border, sometimes illegally, or they bring themselves illegally. Other times, they might decide on their own to come here, and pay for their own transportation and their own paperwork and cross the borders legally.

However they got here, legally or illegally, bringing themselves or having someone else make an arrangement to bring them – almost always these people are physically and mentally healthier, and work harder and longer hours, than ‘American’ workers do. Americans are unhealthy as a result of many factors which are so well known to the alternative health community that I won’t even go into any detail – vaccinations, Weston Price deformities, malnutrition occurring simultaneously with a high calorie diet so that they don’t die of caloric starvation, but suffer terrible nutrition; prescription drugs being universally prescribed to everyone, and so on. These American workers can never work as hard as the foreigners. The foreigners never get sick, never need sleep, never give up hope, never demand that they be paid what they deserve, and so on.

These people will work their entire lives this way, and actually, their health and lifespan will always be better and longer than the American workers. They live longer and remain a healthy weight for a lifetime, merely because they were born in a foreign country and lived their childhood in a foreign country with either no vaccinations or a different set of vaccinations, no drugs, different foods, and other factors. Once the body is formed a particular way, it remains formed that way for a lifetime. A badly formed body will always tend to be sick and malfunctioning for a lifetime and will have a short lifespan.

The Guatemalans are small people, tiny people, most of them. But is there a benefit to hiring tiny people? These people are actually very nimble and fast moving and they need fewer calories. A large, heavy person moves slowly and needs a lot of calories merely to move their own weight and merely to keep their own cells alive in their body. I don’t normally talk about ‘calories’ because that concept is so horribly misleading, but this is one situation where it’s just easier to say the word ‘calories’ to simplify the idea. Anyway, they are so fast moving they can actually do more work in less time than a large, heavy, slow moving ‘American’ worker.

The downside of hiring small people – none of the equipment is ergonomic for small people. You have to cut things from an
uncomfortable height. I hate the heights of all the tables and places where I have to cut things, and I have always desired a table that was shortened so that I could bend over it in an ergonomic position for my height (5′ 2″) while cutting and chopping things. I feel that my arms and elbows and shoulders are in a bad position while cutting unless I put the cutting board on something lower than a table.

Anyway…. these foreign people will live their long lives never suffering any illnesses that American workers suffer from, while working longer harder hours and producing more per hour. What’s not to love about foreign workers? They are perfect in almost every way.

I know there’s something sinister here, I just can’t quite put my finger on it yet….

Do these people suffer when they are made to work long hours? Are they made aware that it should be optional, that they should have the power to choose and control their schedule? Does anyone advocate on their behalf whenever they desire to reduce their work hours? Does anyone help them seek lower cost housing? Are people taking advantage of them because, maybe, some of them might be illegal, so they fear they might get deported or thrown in prison or have some other bad thing happen to them? Does anybody threaten them or manipulate them to think that they have to do what they’re told or else they’ll be deported?

Maybe foreign slaves who are here legally don’t have that problem, but not all of them are here legally. The illegal ones are the easiest to manipulate. Do every little thing I tell you to do, or else I’ll have the government come here and throw you in prison because you don’t have a green card (or whatever kind of card it is).

The ones who are here legally, who can’t be manipulated by threats of deportation, end up being merely extremely hard working people who never achieve a sane work-life balance. They take it for granted that working 80 or 100 or more hours a week is a normal and perfectly fine thing to do, that there is nothing more to life than this, that nobody should ever expect or demand a better life, that maybe a
hunter-gatherer community actually had better health and greater happiness and better quality of life than this. They will go their entire life that way, and nothing will ever come of it – nothing bad will ever happen to them, and they will never suffer a single illness, and they will live to a very old age. I have seen it before.

Then, some of them, like Nam from Korea who used to work at
McDonald’s, was that exact sort of insanely hard worker, working an undesirable shift (overnight), always reliable, never missed a day, but started living an unhealthy American life after she got here, and as a result, ended up having surgery to get both knees replaced. The surgery on her knees had such horrible results that she could hardly walk afterwards and she quit her job – she was unable to go back to work ever again as a result of having knee replacement surgery. She was no longer a productive slave, so everyone forgot all about her and she vanished from the universe. Nobody cares about you unless you are a profitable slave. I don’t know where Nam is now. Somewhere. I hope she’s doing okay.

I have to get ready for work soon. I actually don’t fully understand this particular conspiracy yet, and have no real insight into it, nor any factual data about it.

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