Ascorbic acid in juice is giving me a rash again

I bought Apple & Eve’s organic apple juice yesterday. I’ve been having juice cravings since I quit coffee, so I wanted a lot of juice that I could drink all day long.

As usual, this apple juice has 100% vitamin C from synthetic ascorbic acid, which causes a skin rash at large doses. I’m covered in hives today, although they are not yet visible. If I keep on drinking it, I will have huge welts covering my entire body, which happened to me before from boxes of lemonade. As it is now, I’m just scratching itches everywhere constantly.

I learned in nutrition class years ago that vitamin C overdose causes a rash. However, there might be more to the story. Just yesterday I read on another alternative medicine web page a comment written by somebody who mentioned that shiitake mushrooms contain a toxin that will cause a rash if you eat them raw. Isn’t ascorbic acid made from mushrooms? Maybe there are more mushrooms that contain toxins that produce a rash, and the rash from ascorbic acid isn’t just from vitamin C overdose, but from mushroom toxin residues.

This is why synthetic vitamins are almost always bad for you.

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