sausage party

I knew that would be a good movie. It took a lot of struggle to watch it, as the web page kept malfunctioning (I have absolute zero chance of watching a movie in a theater right now). I’m just going to tell spoilers. The ending – going into another dimension, through a stargate, to see the real world where the puppetmasters are
controlling us – Yes, I sort of agree and sort of disagree. I don’t like to take it too literally the idea that we are living in a simulation, because I don’t want to encourage people to think it’s okay to die. Eventually it will be, I just don’t want people to die sooner than they absolutely have to. I prefer to assume that whatever is controlling us, it’s here in the ‘same dimension,’ whatever a ‘dimension’ even is, and for the time being, we can only fight back against it within this dimension, no matter how small and powerless we are. I assume we have to find out where it’s coming from, research it, understand it, use technology to understand it to the best of our ability, before we even assume we know what it is that’s controlling us, or who it is, or where it’s coming from. The movie is actually pretty deep, but I’d have to watch it without the web page
malfunctioning every few minutes, and also, I couldn’t hear a lot of what they were saying because the headphone jack no longer works on this computer – it got hacked. I wrote a blog about how I loved a piece of music I was listening to, and that day, the headphone jack stopped working and never worked again. You’re not allowed to love music because it leads you to your socionic duals. They don’t want us to dualize. So I can’t hear anything on this computer and have to watch it with subtitles, and they don’t have those yet for this movie. I’ll watch it again someday when I feel like it and when I have free time.

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