The process of doing everything takes forever.

It took forever to wake up and get out of bed. I just wanted to sleep forever. Then I took a shower, which took forever. Then I combed my hair, which took forever, while simultaneously doing a load of laundry, thank god, which took forever. Now the laundry is done. I had to order food, which took forever, partly because fucking Red Lobster doesn’t deliver to where I am! I had to figure out how to use the OrderUp web page, and got frustrated and just ordered Edible Shit from Domino’s, just because it was faster and easier to use their web page. I can still try again to use OrderUp but I didn’t want the particular restaurants that delivered to where I am. Now I have to Comer Mierda again. I am so so sick of eating horrible, horrible garbage. I’m supposed to be deciding what to do tonight. Decide where to live, how to get a reasonable work schedule, how to survive, how to maintain my sanity, how to change my life to accommodate my permanently destroyed hips, my permanent physical disability.

I do recall that my hips improved when I was able to eat vitamin K2. I was trying sauerkraut. I also had to get sunlight. You can’t take vitamins – all the pills just don’t work and contain toxic substances. You have to get it from food. I need my healthy foods and I need them right now. I need grassfed butter and the other stuff that I know about from Weston Price and all that.

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