The human body is like a radio antenna. It receives radio waves that travel through the air. The radio waves cause the nerves to transmit signals exactly like an antenna.


2 Responses to “Radio”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Take the smallest grain of sand or dust you can find, and realize those are not ANGELS, but rather ATOMS.

    Electron orbitals are really dynamic. They number in the googilions.
    Hydrogen is easy, in the center a proton and maybe a neutron or two, outside running in it’s quantum probability orbit an electron.

    Take that single electron and bounce it from one energy state to another and it receives or sheds photons. Every single electron in every “orbit” does this on a continuous basis. The Temperature is a measure of just how much those googilions of motes jiggle as they get excited and relaxed.

    I am off to visit Pluto the planet that isn’t and conjugate a comet!



    PS- The Quantrums Entaglerdf!

  2. Nicole Says:

    Hugs to you too ETA, have fun at Pluto! And wherever you go.

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