okay, I’m horribly late now

It’s 10:00 and I haven’t even gotten into the taxi yet. I don’t think I’ve ever been quite this late before. I am having sort of a good hair day because I finally have that Finesse conditioner again, so it only takes a couple seconds to comb the tangles out of my hair. With other conditioners the hair turns all sticky like it’s full of gum and wax and it tangles even more, so it takes a very long time to comb. But I forgot to part my hair in the middle before I braided it so it’s all parted in weird places. Life goes on.

I was going to say something specific, I just forget what it was. Oh well.

Jesse has a new girlfriend, but that has always happened since we first started dating. We have a non-ideal relationship (as in, we are not ‘soulmates for life’ with monogamy) and I allowed it to be an open relationship where he could be with other people if he found them. In the beginning he had to get used to confessing to me and then he learned that I am able to tolerate it without breaking up with him and without getting angry. My response on the phone was, ‘Take good care of him.’ We were on the speakerphone and she was talking to me too, although I couldn’t hear most of it. They were drunk and/or stoned.

With all of my boyfriends (only a few exceptions) I remain friends with them forever. I do not cut people off and I do not refuse to speak to them. The door is always open, even after I’m no longer having sex with someone. That is one reason why so many people pass by the door and say hi to me. I have one former boyfriend, Steve, who comes and talks to me sometimes, and then random strangers and acquaintances (not boyfriends).

I do not know what is going to happen in my future. I do not know who I will be with or what type of love it will be.

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