Okay, the word "submissive" is the way that I think of it, but that might be the wrong word if you think of "50 Shades of Grey," a rule-following submissiveness. My version might be called "self-sacrificing" but I don’t like that phrase, probably because Ayn Rand didn’t like it. For example I spent over a hundred dollars to buy groceries for Peter one time, and I drove him everywhere in the car even at my own expense and inconvenience. I give people whatever they want even at great inconvenience to myself, and I "submit" to them in that way, serving someone. It’s more like "The Giving Tree," give everything until you have nothing left and then give even more. But rule-following and the triggering of humiliation and embarrassment isn’t the same thing and that’s what the word submissive usually means. I just don’t have a good word for what I do, and it DOES feel like "submitting" from my perspective. I understand (in the abstract) the usual kind of domination and submission. The rules make people feel safe and free to grow and improve themselves. It triggers emotions that are not easily processed or expressed through my personality type, the SLI.


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