Vergon – lost in translation

The o should have an accent mark. I thought of this during the lesson about the -on augmentative ending. I was trying to figure out what was the word ‘werwu,’ and I am not 100% sure of it but I think it’s the egg-related slang, huevo, although I still could try again to look for slang and figure out which words seem to match it the best. Anyway I came across ‘vergon,’ which they said meant ‘cool.’ After finding out that -on was an augmentative, pejorative ending, which makes something bigger and badder than it normally is, I realized, this is probably not just saying ‘cool’ (as in, awesome), but something more like ‘big dick.’ La verga is penis. Verga + on = vergon? Big penis? Awesome penis? Something like that. I don’t know but that’s what it seems like they’re saying. I haven’t heard my coworkers using this word, unless I missed it. I decided that wasn’t ‘werwu.’ I’m pretty sure ‘werwu’ means what I think it means, the ‘egg’ slang, something like, ‘Really? Seriously? Are you kidding?’ Something like that.

There are some words in English that seem to fit with the -on ending, too. Buffoon – a pejorative word, an idiot, a clown. Maroon – that’s usually a color, a dark reddish color, but I have heard it as an alternative to the word ‘moron,’ so both ‘maroon’ and ‘moron’ seem to have a pejorative connotation with an -on ending.

‘Big penis.’ Okay, I don’t know how big anyone’s penis is, but I don’t care. I am not really interested in big penises. The only time I ever had any difficulties with somebody’s penis size, it was understandable – this person was from Ukraine. I don’t have sex with tons and tons of guys. I tend to date one guy for a long time, but have never been in love enough to marry someone. So I briefly was with a coworker from Ukraine. He was doing overnight cleaning at Target. That was the guy who told me he had been kidnapped by the Russian mafia and forced to work as an unpaid slave, although he and his friend had escaped, and that was the reason why they were illegal aliens.

In Ukraine they have really bad food and really bad soil, according to what I was told in my nutrition class in college. They taught us in the nutrition book that people who come from regions where they have starvation, severe malnutrition, or nutrient-poor soils will tend to grow slowly, grow up small, or have other deformities, including a failure to develop normally, and they gave an example of someone from Ukraine (if I recall) who failed to properly develop genitals.

It just so happened that this guy from Ukraine had an unusually small penis, and so I assumed that this was the result of lifelong malnutrition, mineral-depleted soils, and poverty in that country. People’s bodies can’t develop if they don’t have nutrition. The one good thing about his penis was that it was uncircumcised. I am very, very anti-circumcision. I’m not in the mood to complain about circumcision at the moment though. Anyway he sort of helped me or guided me to massage him, basically, and that was what we did together. We weren’t together a whole lot of times and I quit that job after only a few weeks.

Anyway, after that, I sort of know what to expect or what is possible. I know that these things happen. So I am not going to be a judgmental person who makes fun of anyone. I understand what causes it. I have to at least cover this possibility because it is actually a
possibility and I have absolutely no information one way or the other about this topic. It’s something you can’t find out until you get there. Nobody said anything to make me believe that this was the case. I just write whatever the voices in my head tell me to write about, and they told me to write about verga = vergon. Maybe that was because I mentioned ‘virgin,’ and I had noticed that the word ‘virgin’ seems to come from the same root.

Also, the letter V is shaped like either – oh, goodness, I don’t feel like getting into this discussion. I had to watch ‘The Davinci Code’ to learn a little more about this but I already knew some of it. They use V-shaped symbols either pointing up or down to represent the penis and the vulva. V letters seem associated with these words, verga, virgin, vulva, vagina. How come I am the only person on earth who knows the word ‘vulva?’ Is it because my dad is a doctor and my mom is a nurse? The ‘vulva’ is the external part that you see. The ‘vagina’ is the internal hole that leads to the uterus. It doesn’t matter and I don’t make a big deal out of this.

I’ve had a splitting headache, and I think it’s plastic poisoning. I thought it was caffeine withdrawal, but that makes no sense. I’m putting my hot coffee into a used plastic drinking water bottle because I have no other bottles. What I need is a non-plastic, BPA-free, glass or metal (preferably glass) drinking bottle. The coffee is acid, and hot acid is leaching BPA out of the plastic water bottle, I think. I can’t explain why I still have a headache when I’m not really in withdrawal from caffeine, I just stopped drinking bottled coffee and bottled espressos. The only reason I know this could be plastic poisoning is because I also had a horrible splitting headache when I got my plastic dental fillings put in.

I remember events well if I write them down on paper immediately after they happen, as soon as I am free from the situation, and if I try really, really hard to remember every single detail that I can possibly remember, scraping all the way to the bottom of the memories, every last little bit. I did that after I met Jesse. I wrote down every detail of how we met. That was why I remembered it later on. My blog is less detailed. I am able to actually write much, much more detail than this, if I deliberately sit down after an incident and ‘scrape to the bottom,’ what is this word ‘scrape’ that keeps coming up in my brain? Usually an inserted word has some other meaning than what I am giving it in the sentence. I end up trying to fit it into the sentence but it doesn’t work and it sounds random.

I had major problems with hearing voices today for some reason. There were several unusual incidents where someone was talking in a noisy room and I heard voices in my head and thought the person said something completely different from what they were saying. That’s very abnormal for me – I never have that problem. I have new attackers, or else I am sicker than usual, or the attacks have changed for some reason. I also had one or two incidents where I thought somebody called my name, but nobody did – again, very unusual. Something is wrong or something is changed.

I’m going to go to sleep – I absolutely have to sleep now.

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