I’m gonna try the android keyboard again

But I don’t know if I can turn off putacorrect. So, beware, there might be weird words at random. If it sounds like I’m smoking too much crack then it’s probably putacorrect.

I’m in withdrawal from something in the canned coffee. My head hurts. I’m still drinking my own coffee. So I shouldn’t be in withdrawal from caffeine entirely.

I can type faster on the android keyboard because the swype keyboard keeps inserting random words that it thinks I’m swyping. It glitches every couple seconds, lags, thinks I’m pressing two buttons at the same time, draws a line between some letters, and inserts "by" in the middle of words for no reason. I have to deliberately slow down and wait for the lag to catch up before I can continue typing.

My hair is so much easier to comb with Finesse conditioner.

I can’t put it in caps lock on the android keyboard when I need to scream.

I’m about to try to take a nap before the evening. I hate, hate so much that I am in transition between my two living places all this time and cannot settle.

I sincerely want a small underground factory-home. I’m not even joking. It will be secret and it will pay no rent. However, it must be collapse-proof. It doesn’t have to be deep, just secret enough that you can walk over it without noticing.

I don’t know if I ovulated yet because once again I have forgotten to do the ovulation tests every morning. I just want to know when it is happening so that I can interpret my moods, symptoms, and behavior. I also want to know if I am still ovulating regularly every month so I can observe the onset of menopause. I want to control the factors that determine whether I ovulate or not, for instance, bright lights while sleeping influencing my circadian rhythm. I also want to know if ANY SJDJDB OH OK THAT’S HOW I DO CAPS LOCK. DOUBLE CLICK. Anyway, I want to know if ANY of my sexual arousal EVER comes from my own internally generated hormones instead of from all the xenohormones from outside sources including ginseng. I have no control over my diet so I cannot observe the effects of foods.

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