What the fuck? These goddamn Guatemalans are stealing my cardboard box flaps and using them as doorstops.

That’s right. That happened. But I stopped perfectionistically valuing the cardboard boxes that my appliances came in, years ago, during my decontamination when I had to throw away all my belongings. I no longer perfectionistically keep all the cardboard boxes that my appliances came in. So ha ha, you can steal all the cardboard box flaps you want.

We have to prop open our door because it blows shut and the doorstops don’t work and I keep saying I work in hell – it is fucking hot in there for an aging 41 year old woman who is having hot flashes every time she drinks coffee. So the door must be kept open. So we always stuff these little wads of cardboard box flaps under the door stop to keep it in place. We do this every day, although I prefer to use the towels – they work better, but people reject the use of towels because it violates the tradition of using a cardboard box flap and because it wastes a clean towel, although I could make a point of using dirty towels to do it.

But anyway, somebody was looking for a doorstop and saw my cardboard box with my appliance in it and decided that this cardboard box flap was destined to become one of our doorstops. I did not discover this until just now, when I saw that it was cleanly ripped off and I was not the one who did it. It was sitting in a location where somebody might have thought it was garbage, or somebody might have simply wanted to torment me so that I would write about it in my blog. Guatemalans, you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them. What the fuck? A doorstop!


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