Lawyers, police officers – I am noticing propaganda having to do with judgment (killing) of professions and the people in them

This is something I’ve been noticing for the past month or two. I’m noticing that news articles are focusing on particular professions – this is hard to explain. We have all these incidents of people who are shooting ‘police officers.’ The fact that they are police officers is important. I just saw another news article about a police officer where he helped a little boy who was trying to sell his stuffed animal to get money for food because he hadn’t eaten in days. Apparently they wanted to keep the kid anonymous because they had zero photos of the actual kid that this happened too, but the article was full of photos of the police officer who helped, showing him as a kind and benevolent looking person full of compassion.

I saw an article that was much more disturbing and which really, REALLY brought this theme to my attention. It was the front page of the Wall Street Journal, the paper one, the actual physical paper. I saw this on the news stand at a convenience store that I go to every day. It was such a shocking, glaring, blatant example of extreme propaganda that I was disgusted. I can’t even explain.

The front page of the Wall Street Journal a couple days ago had photos of people who had been injured by some kind of attack in a foreign country. I forget where, but it would be easy enough to find out which article this was, from just a couple days ago.

And what was the most important thing about this group of people who were being killed and attacked? THEY WERE LAWYERS. This article really emphasized and drew attention to the fact that these people being killed were all lawyers. No non-lawyers were being killed, apparently, was the impression that I was feeling from reading this article. Don’t worry, it’s just a bunch of lawyers, you don’t have to feel sorry for them, we all know that lawyers aren’t human, it’s okay to kill non-humans. What happened was, apparently, one single lawyer was killed at first. Then they took the lawyer to the hospital, where a whole bunch of other lawyers were gathered together to mourn him. At this gathering of a whole bunch of lawyers, there was a bombing which killed a whole bunch more lawyers. The fact that they were lawyers was the #1 most salient attribute of this entire news story. Lawyers, lawyers, lawyers, it’s all about killing the lawyers who are all non-human and acceptable targets of killing. We don’t have to feel sorry for the blood-covered guy in the photo on the front page. We can rejoice about the fact that he was hurt, because he’s a lawyer, and lawyers are horrible non-humans who deserve to be hurt. This was a very, very, very clear impression that I got from reading this front page paper news article. It was such a strong, intense impression that it might as well have actually literally said out loud, ‘It’s good to kill lawyers! Rejoice!’

I had the same feeling about killing police officers. All these attacks recently were directed at ‘police officers,’ the profession. The news stories were all about how many police officers in a wide variety of locations were being attacked and killed. It’s like we’re telling the mobs: ‘Rejoice! We know you hate the police. We know the police invade your houses and shoot you without cause. We’re killing the police officers now so that you can have something to be happy about!’ That was the feeling I was starting to get from reading all these articles about shootings of police officers.

Note, I am not saying that I myself do not hate police officers, because actually, I can’t stand them. Almost all of them are people who I can’t stand. I range from ‘I can’t stand this person’ to ‘I loathe this person so much I want to vomit at the mere sound of their voice.’ I was having something happen on the HP bus that I rode to work every day. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, there was a huge group of people that would ride the bus from one building to another on the Penn State campus. It was a group of people who were training to become sheriffs. AND I COULD NOT FUCKING *STAND* THESE PEOPLE. THEY WERE A FUCKING BUNCH OF LOUDMOUTH ASSHOLE BASTARDS. I found it intolerable to ride the bus with them for the brief couple of minutes that they were traveling from one building to another. They were the loudest, most arrogant, most fucking obnoxious and annoying group of intolerable people that I had ever seen.

There were only one or two people among them who I found ‘slightly tolerable’ or ‘suspiciously resembling a human.’ One guy had a facial structure that resembled my boyfriend Jesse’s face, and so, out of recognition of a lookalike, I could not help liking that particular guy. He would always wear sunglasses even when everybody else had taken off their sunglasses (note: they always all wore sunglasses, the same kind, as though it was their uniform). So, he would be the only person left who had the sunglasses on. Every day, he wore the sunglasses. I became curious to see what his eyes looked like.

One day, for some reason, he didn’t have the sunglasses on, and his eyes…. looked human. He seemed like a more quiet, reserved person who wasn’t insane, wasn’t evil, wasn’t horribly loudmouthed and obnoxious, and wasn’t an absolutely unbearable person to be around, and he had human-looking eyes.

But all of the other people were horribly ugly to me, ugly to the point that they seemed like a different species – for instance, one guy had eyes that were extremely close together, and he was very weird looking.

A lot of these people seemed to have something WRONG with them. One time, there was a little moth flapping around inside the bus. It flapped next to me and I only briefly wondered for a second ‘What is that?’ and then saw that it was a moth and it was no big deal. But this moth started flapping around the other sheriff trainees who were all sitting on the bus, and I swear to God, THESE PEOPLE WERE FUCKING FREAKING OUT. They were COMPLETELY FREAKING OUT as though this moth was some kind of disease-carrying, black-plague-infested, evil, Satanic demon of hell. They were panicking, they were thrashing their arms and hands around to try to swipe away this moth, they were practically peeing their pants and shitting themselves in sheer terror because of this fucking MOTH flapping around on the bus. I swear to god these people went completely fucking insane because of a goddamn moth flying around.

One guy said, ‘Hey, relax, it’s not like it’s Mothra or something.’ But I didn’t like HIS tone of voice, either. He, too, seemed annoying to me, even though he was telling people to stop freaking out about the moth.

I wonder, were all of these people on drugs? Were they all using antidepressants or something? Why were they so completely unbearable to be around? Was it because of their socionic personality types?

There was another guy whose face strongly resembled one of the Rothschilds’ faces that I posted on my blog elsewhere, where I wrote a blog post about how Nat Rothschild had ‘prozac eyes.’ I could imagine exactly how that guy would behave when he became a police officer, because I had encountered many before exactly like him. He would have this exact kind of aura, a behavior pattern that I recognized – I felt him, I knew exactly who he was. All of these people are intolerable, unbearable, utterly loathsome and detestable to me.

So, when I see news articles talking all about how various attackers are ‘killing police officers’ – it seems to have coincided with the time period when I was riding the bus with this huge intolerable group of people who were so loathsome and I couldn’t stand them (except the guy with human-looking eyes, and another guy who was willing to sit down in the seat next to me – ALL OF THEM AVOIDED ME and refused to sit in the seat next to me! although they also refused to sit down at all most of the time, but they preferred to sit next to anyone else but me if they did sit down).

Without actually quoting the article from the Wall Street Journal – I didn’t buy it and I don’t have it with me – I cannot convey just how shockingly obvious this propaganda was. The whole article was just screaming, ‘THANK GOD! WE’RE FINALLY KILLIN’ SOME LAWYERS!’

I’m not saying I love lawyers, either. I just have no experience with them, thankfully. The one guy I did use as a lawyer years ago wasn’t intolerable, although I spent very little time with him and he didn’t offer me any other options or really explain my situation to me. He was no real help to me. And after I got on ‘ARD,’ that was when the mind control attacks really began – nobody warned me that I was going to start being attacked with electronic weapons as soon as I went into the ARD (accelerated rehabilitative development, or something like that) program.

The people attacking me with electronic weapons during that time period would have been the same sorts of people who were riding the bus with me three days a week on the HP bus – intolerable, loathsome people. They would be the same as the voices in my head, the people who tortured me the most in the beginning of the attacks. They would be the insane, unreasonable people who are terrified of a FUCKING MOTH, and therefore are also terrified of every single human being out there for being the slightest bit of a nonconformist – if you don’t rigidly walk down the street looking exactly the same as every other mindless soulless robot walking rigidly down the street, then YOU ARE THAT MOTH, you are Mothra, you are some terrifying thing randomly flapping around and making these idiots fucking shit their pants in sheer terror. These are the people who use electronic weapons, out of terror of everyone around them, terror at the whole society, terror at everything that moves, terror at everything that is unpredictable and different. These are the people I loathe.

Are we, quote, “finally killin’ some police officers?” Maybe that’s happening, and maybe it isn’t. I don’t know how much of the news to actually believe. What if the ONLY police officers carefully selected to be killed are the quite, sane ones with human-looking eyes? How would I know that those aren’t the ones being killed? The one tiny percentage of police officers who seem to be human, who seem to be non-loathsome, who seem to be non-intolerable – those will also be the ones who are the most powerless and the most poorly connected to the conspiracies of evil who choose which people are killed, and which people live.

I saw a white truck go down the street the other day, a delivery truck, and it made me remember the beltway sniper, and how people kept saying they were seeing a white delivery truck nearby when the beltway sniper was shooting, in Washington DC. Then, later on, they said it was actually a totally different kind of car that he was actually found in. So they blew off the ‘white truck’ thing as a mistake or a piece of disinformation.

But what if it wasn’t? What if there really was a ‘white truck’ following the beltway sniper around wherever he went – and there was electronic mind control equipment inside of that ‘white truck,’ which was being used to control the beltway sniper and tell him when to shoot, and when to refrain from shooting?

I noticed that one particular shooting was particularly painful to me, emotionally, and it was clear, this individual had been chosen, by the mind controllers, to be killed deliberately, for the crime of escaping. This one lady who was killed, they said, ‘She had only just decided, a day or two ago, that she was finally going to leave the town for real and go move someplace else, and had started getting ready to move out, but that was the exact moment when she was killed.’ It was not a coincidence.

I have seen other incidents where a person, or their family members, are killed for the crime of escaping the country. It was a guy from the UU church, and the atheists’ meetup group, Chuck. He went on vacation to someplace in South America, I forget which country – it might have even been Guatemala, I can’t remember. As soon as he got down there, his wife’s mother suddenly died for no reason, and he had to return early from his trip. If you try to leave the country, if you try to explore foreign cultures and see that the world of Nakrivich is not the same everywhere on earth, if you see that there are other options available out there, other ways of life, that it doesn’t have to be like this, that Nakrivich isn’t eternal or global, if you find that you can suddenly fall asleep at night without waking up when you are in a foreign country, if you suddenly find that you are able to think clearly and feel emotions deeply – YOU WILL BE PUNISHED AND YOUR FAMILY WILL BE KILLED. That is the message I received from that experience. Killed for the crime of escaping, killed for the crime of learning that Nakrivich isn’t everywhere.

I invented the word ‘nakrivich’ as a joke a few weeks ago to express the idea of ‘universal slavery and genocide,’ and it includes all sorts of phenomena including the ‘no fruit trees conspiracy,’ where it’s illegal to plant fruit trees in urban areas, and it includes the ‘worship the sacred schedule’ conspiracy, where you have absolutely no choice about your work schedule except that you must work exactly the same time, exactly the same day, for five or six days a week, and do exactly the same thing, rigidly, all the time, whether you like it or not, for the rest of your life, and everyone must do this exactly the same way – no flexibility, no changes for wimpy whiners who hate to get up early in the morning because the electronic mind controllers are forcing them awake all night long – nope, it sucks to be you, you have to show up at 8:00 am like the rest of the slaves – ruthless, relentless, rigid, no compassion. ‘Nakrivich’ is just a catch-all word that conveys all of those things, although if it had to be summed up in one or two synonyms, those synonyms would be ‘genocide and slavery.’ It’s more than just that, but that sums it up. ‘Soul murder,’ too, if we include electronic mind control.

So…. lawyers? Oh, and doctors. This big blast that killed a bunch of lawyers also happened to occur at a hospital, which means it might have killed a few doctors too. And don’t worry, the patients at the hospital probably were all a bunch of laywers too.

My dad was a doctor, but it was well known, to himself and everyone, that he was a ‘different sort’ of doctor. My mom commented that all the other doctors were total assholes and she couldn’t stand them, but my dad was a completely different kind of person than they were, if we went to Christmas parties. This is because all doctors are LSI-ISTjs, with very few exceptions. There are some who are LSE-ESTjs but those are often nurses working in the emergency room, not doctors in offices. A SLI-ISTp doctor is, indeed, a completely different species of doctor, just as Dr. Mercola, a suspected Delta Quadra member, EII-INFj, is a completely different species of doctor than the usual doctor species. The absolutely overwhelming masses of doctors are all LSI-ISTj. I go to doctors, doctor after doctor after doctor, one after another after another, and they are all LSI, and not a fucking one of them will listen to a fucking word you say, they will be condescending to you, they don’t believe you, they don’t offer alternatives, and they believe that ‘killing the patient’ is an acceptable solution to any problem.

Surgeons, on the other hand, are often something more like a SLE-ESTp, although I don’t encounter them as often since I don’t go around having surgery a lot. I also had one doctor who I thought might have been a SLE-ESTp, but I’m not sure. I could be wrong, surgeons could be some other type than that – I’d have to find out. There are probably a lot of LSI surgeons too.

Anyway, so, our hatred of an entire profession might be because of socionics, because for whatever reason, one particular socionic type completely, overwhelmingly dominates that profession. I do not know what types these sheriffs on the bus were.

However, I can tell you the type of the lady who used to be the head of the department of homeland security. She was an IEI-INFp, my superego. The superego is a type that you can have MAJOR CONFLICTS with, conflicts that can never be resolved. These are huge, massive conflicts. I forget her name. She had that ugly fucking hairstyle that every woman of that personality type has. All of them choose the ugliest fucking hairstyle that they possibly can, to make themselves the least desirable humans on the planet. Let me google her…. Janet Napolitano. She is an IEI-INFp, in the Beta Quadra, and I am very well aware of exactly what sorts of conflicts that I have with her.

I’m going to go ahead and post this. I just wanted to point out a recurring theme that I seem to be noticing in the news. It was, again, so blatantly obvious and so shocking in the WSJ article that I absolutely could not ignore it. That article just screamed, ‘THANK GOD! SOMEBODY IS FINALLY KILLING SOME FUCKING LAWYERS!’ I might feel the same way – maybe – but I hesitate. I just wanted to point out this observation that this seemed to be what they were saying.

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