It’s not in my nature to play seduction games

I don’t do this thing of dressing slutty, bending over in front of someone, always being aware of how I look and using my appearance as a tool to tease people over a period of months or years, forcing them to compete against each other to get me. That’s not who I am. Somebody somewhere mentioned that Gamma NTs tended to become fashion models – I believe it. Gamma Quadra is all about seducing people with your looks.

The huge contrast with my own quadra – Mark and I just jumped right in to kissing and hugging each other without those months and years of painful deprivation and competition (although technically I was away from him for a few years after meeting him so that counts). For me it is natural to just give people whatever they want immediately, then move on to other activities.

I am not going to be able to seduce Agustin at work to make it seem like I am good enough to be worth paying for, even as I insist I don’t want money.

Today, "they" suggested I roll up my sleeves, and since it’s like a sauna in there that’s reasonable to do; but also, it revealed my shoulders, something nobody sees because I DON´T HAVE MY FUCKING SEWING MACHINE operational right now. I stopped sewing as soon as I lost my job at McDonald’s and had chronic fatigue from pesticide and Mike put junk all over the couches in the family room so I had no place to set up the machine. Clothes from the store are made by morons for morons.

I also will feel frustrated, clumsy, and awkward if I attempt to, for instance, brush the back of my hand across someone’s butt as I walk by, for an instant. That’s not how I do things. If I touch someone I have a choice between two extremes: either I touch you so quickly and lightly you think a bug might have landed on you, or else I am grabbing your entire body and being completely involved in touching whatever I want, for many minutes. I cannot do this walk-by-tap maneuver and not feel extremely frustrated and impatient. Just get it over with.

Starbucks frappucinos – full of synthetic hormones from an unknown source.

Anyway it’s going to be clumsy and awkward to quick-tap him on his butt or crotch or something without it being obvious, "GEE, I DID THAT DELIBERATELY." I’m gonna, like, panic, swing my hand really fast and smack him in the balls or something. Lol…

A training workshop for inexperienced sexual harassers, white people, and gringas with a feminine "a".


3 Responses to “It’s not in my nature to play seduction games”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I prefer to be tempted before I am shorn.

    But when you kill their gods for fun you take what fate brings!


  2. Anonymous Says:



  3. Anonymous Says:

    just had to leave that title…

    …fing mandela faxt…



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