I must attend a sexual harassment workshop

So that I can learn how to properly do the job of harassing a coworker. I am a damn yankee gringo puta who was raised in a culture of touch deprivation. I involuntarily move out of th way if someone comes close to me, and I have no control over that. But these Guatemalans know how to accidentally bump my ass even when there’s plenty of room to avoid me. I cannot do that. If I allow any part of my body to touch him, I will not let go for the next fifteen minutes. Today I drank starbucks frappucino, full of hormones. He bumped into my ass for a nanosecond and I had, like, a mini orgasm. I have to learn how to bump into some part of his body besides his upper back or upper arm, because we will not get time alone elsewhere.

2 Responses to “I must attend a sexual harassment workshop”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Harris ST….


  2. Anonymous Says:

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