The disinformation campaign

I’m taking a ginseng today, folks. The minister of magic told the Muggle minister that the bad people have magic too, and that’s why the good people can’t win merely by using magic against the bad people. So it’s not easy to fight against the bad people.

How many things can I add on to Agustin’s name to make it even cuter? I am learning about those added things on the ends of words, like -cito. Gustinito? I need some really, really gushy sounding pet names, the super-sweet “my cuddle bunny” type of nicknames.

I also need some ideas for disinformation. Disinformation needs to go everywhere, in every place that can possibly contain any information at all. I need to see this disinformation appearing in places where it is transmitted. I need to know where to trace the disinformation back to. Where did Agustin and I go for our anniversary? What item of jewelry did he buy for me? I need some imaginary answers for questions like that.

I’m a weak old lady with broken hips and a malnourished brain. I can’t fight a war. The voices in my head have been saying for weeks now that Arturo is my ‘secret admirer,’ and that by pursuing Agustin, I am saving a boy’s life. Is any of that true, I wonder? Sometimes the voices in my head tell lies, and sometimes they tell the truth, but I never know what it will be at any given moment.

I wonder if I have any imaginary friends out there who actually are still my supporters. For a while there, my ‘handlers’ were kind of nice, but every so often, I get ‘sold’ to somebody else who treats me differently, and the voices in my head change. Or maybe they have staff turnover at the organizations being hired to control me, so that no people are able to become attached to the individuals they are stalking. No one is allowed to know the history of the person they are attacking, and they are not allowed to learn anything about the person that would give them sympathy for that person. So the voices in my head have personalities, but those personalities come and go, and I get ‘clueless newbies’ who behave as though they know nothing about me.

This blog is my new disinformation campaign. Read it at your own risk, fuckers.


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