I am absolutely certain that this weird socionics model is true, at least more true than Model A

I have it written as ‘Model B’ elsewhere in my blog, but some people in a forum said it wasn’t Model B, so I don’t know what it is and I’m calling it ‘Hitta’s Chart,’ since Hitta was the forum member who posted it.

-Fi, long distance relations, is absolutely my vulnerable function. I cannot do it. Even when speaking English, I could not shout a nickname across the room loudly in front of everyone. This is a loud demonstration of having an intimate relationship with somebody, or not necessarily intimate but ‘a friendly relationship of some sort.’ Even in English! At McDonald’s, Kelly (ESI-ISFj) would say loudly enough for everyone to hear, ‘Hey Brentley,’ to Brent (SEE-ESFp), and even though I loved Brent and had very warm feelings for him, and felt that he liked me too, I could not even say ‘Brentley’ loudly enough for everyone to hear. It would be totally weird and wrong for me to say it.

I can hear Agustin saying ‘chaparra,’ the feminine form, which he started saying a few weeks ago in situations where I could hear him but he was a distance away. That distance of merely a few dozen feet across the room, where I must raise my voice to a louder volume and be heard by the whole room, if I were to acknowledge that he is probably saying that to me, in front of everyone – it is absolutely my vulnerable function and I cannot do that. I can’t acknowledge it when I’m not 100% certain it’s directed at me, and even if I were, I would still feel unable to say a pet name, even in English, even to someone who cared about me and I cared about them and we both knew it.

Jesse called me on the phone last night… and he’s not an SEE-ESFp, he’s an LIE-ENTj as I first typed him originally. He is completely different from Agustin, he is negative-minded and expresses sad emotions rather than happy ones or rapidly changing ones like Agustin. I was able to tolerate a supervision relation better than I am able to tolerate an illusionary one. Once again, I use that weird model for a good reason. It is the only one that explains why there is any reason at all for a supervision relation to be the slightest bit attractive, why they would get along at all and feel drawn to each other. He has to be that type instead of SEE. He is very different.

So I am watching this disaster unfolding and can do nothing about it. If Agustin doesn’t speak to me in text messages then I won’t be able to speak to him at all.

Meanwhile, I did have a sudden unexplained weight gain. I am over 150 pounds. I’ve been somewhere in the middle 140s for a very long time now. It isn’t a huge amount of weight, but it’s just enough that I notice it. Steve said he got pulled over for drunk driving and will have to pay a fine. He uses the shared car that everyone in his apartment uses. I am guessing he went to the doctor and got an anti-anxiety pill, and I hugged him, which is why I have now suddenly gained weight. The drug is excreted through the skin. It is partially metabolized, but still active and it still has effects. It is absorbed through the skin of anyone who touches that person or any of their belongings. It sticks to everything they touch, so it will be all over every car seat, every couch, every seat they sit on, their bed, their clothes, their bedsheets, the fingerprints they leave on smooth surfaces, their computer. Every person who touches any of those objects will become obese, which is the reason why ‘obesity is contagious.’ It is actually contagious for real, but not because of ‘shared habits of overeating.’ It is contagious because of
contamination from the drug residues that cause rapid and severe obesity at microdosages of only a couple molecules through the skin.

So, I have this substance on whichever shirt I was wearing when I hugged Steve. It will not wash out in the laundry, and I know because I tried that in the past after hugging another person who was using similar drugs. It will continue to cause obesity and symptoms until I throw the shirt into the garbage. I will get it on me again every single time Steve hugs me. It was bad enough getting tobacco every time Steve hugged me, but now this.

Nakrivich. The genocide committed against Delta NFs involves drugs. The weak superego of a Delta NF is totally manipulated by the Beta STs who produce the drugs, the LSI doctors (almost every doctor is an LSI, and there are only a tiny number of exceptions to this – I think Dr. Mercola is an EII from Delta, but he has fallen prey to the conspiracy to promote the drinking of coffee, believing that ‘one cup a day is good for you,’ when the only number of cups of coffee that is good for you is absolute zero.). All Delta NFs seem to be vulnerable to super-toxic psychiatric and hallucinogenic and recreational drug use. They say that Huxley, the one that the IEE is named after, was a drug user too.

The only way to protect Delta NFs against drug use is by separating the Delta NFs from society into a different physical location, and then forcibly preventing the movement of drugs into that physical location. The drugs must be simply physically unavailable in the geographic region in which the Delta NFs live. You cannot simply ‘let them choose’ to use, or not use, the drugs. They will always choose ‘yes.’ If an LSI doctor told them drugs are great, they are helpless to disagree because that is their weak superego and their vulnerable function. This is genocide against Delta NFs. They also seem to be doing the same thing to Gamma NTs.


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