Having a horrible day, wanting to just go out with the random guy I knew from a few years ago.

I’m somewhat sick today. I’m also very tired. I’m miserable enough to consider contacting a random guy who was probably given a forced urge to text me recently, since I can’t get A to answer (sitting in a place where other people might see). This guy was the random stranger literally on the street that I met and had sex with a few years ago. He was extremely drunk. This was the Egyptian guy who I figure was probably also an SEE-ESFp. He was drunk and seemed to be asking passersby for help with something, while he had a thick accent and seemed barely able to speak English. I started trying to help him and ending up walking him home to his apartment and did some things with him on the way there. He isn’t always in town, but he randomly texts me once or twice a year out of nowhere, and I got one of those random texts the other day. I could go be with him instead of A because A isn’t answering. I’m seriously considering this because of the level of misery I am in today – just some kind of comfort from a moderately attractive guy because the guy I have a crush on is ignoring me.

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