Oh wait, I need the word ‘gringo.’

It didn’t mean what I thought it meant. I thought a person from the USA would call a Mexican a ‘gringo,’ but it’s the opposite. It’s a word describing someone from the USA. I have been searching for this exact word. Well, that DOES fit the sandwich, then, because it has horrible modern Doritos and fake nacho cheese on it. Perfect! It is actually the gringo!

I’ve needed a word other than ‘American,’ because everyone in Canada is an American, and everyone in South American is an American. What is a United Statesean? Statesan? Stater? Isn’t ‘Yankee’ a word for that? I thought I have heard the word ‘Yankee’ used that way.

But if ‘gringo’ means that, I need that word. I’m less offended now.


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