More mania from Chinese food? Also, fuck PutaCorrect!

I cant find a good balance for autocorrect. Its either all the way on or all the way off, and I cant tell it to stop replacing my spanish words with random insane things, or stop capitalizing offensive acronyms that I dont want capitalized because I think its stupid to capitalize them, like WiFi. I wouldnt bother to capitalize that myself, and dont view "wifi" as incorrect, or trade names like iPhone, which I might desire to refrain from capitalizing just as an act of disrespect. Iphone, iphone. I like some things about the swype keyboard, but I dont like it that it suddenly writes random gibberish because I have inadvertently hit some magical key combination. The android keyboards punctuation is too hard to find, on a separate screen. And why the fuck do these letters suddenly fly over to the upper left if I backspace something or do some magic key combo? Annoying as fuck.

And I told the android keyboard not to autocorrect, if I recall, but it still does anyway. Maybe I really didn’t se gnome. What the fuck? See what I mean? I tried to write the word "set," but hit something else and by he ….. the word "gnome," with a period after it, appeared by itself. The word "by" also keeps appeari mg at random, and also by he the letters "mg" by themselves, usually when I am trying to write "ing" at the end of a verb. Why the fuck would you have a special magic key combo for words that are only two letters long? Im leavi mg all this shit in here instead of fixing it so that you can see how often it happens. It happens more than half of the time when I try to write a word ending with "ing."


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