a fellow slave

Well, the problem wasn’t that he changed his mind – it wasn’t like that. It was just difficult to communicate about where he was and what time he was leaving, and how he travels from one place to another. He’s working about, oh, 30 hours a day. He has multiple jobs and I’m not even sure it’s only two jobs. For all I know it could even be three or four. And he somehow travels from one place to another, at least partly by bike, but it’s possible he might sometimes take a bus, I don’t know.

So he can write in English, which made it much easier for me, because my Spanish is so weak it’s still unusable. He just doesn’t speak English out loud, except very intermittently and only one or two words. But I still overloaded him, I’m sure, because of my tendency to write texts that are 1,000 characters long. I wasn’t that bad. I’ve been worse at other times in the past with my text flooding.

Nothing happened, but we texted a lot and I struggled to somehow arrange a meeting and struggled to interpret where exactly he was and what he was doing and what time he might finish and where I might be able to somehow encounter him. It didn’t work out and I still don’t understand where he is and we have minor miscommunications (nothing major) just because of minor language mistakes.

If any slaves need to be freed, it is definitely these people who work 35 hours a day, 9 days a week. The reason they can get away with it is because these people were born in a foreign country where people have healthy bodies. Every time I have worked with people from foreign countries, they are absolutely without exception MUCH HARDER WORKERS, with MUCH BETTER HEALTH. They never get sick, they never get tired, they never stop working, and they are much more valuable slaves than American slaves. People in the USA are worthless – all of them are sick all the time, lazy, unwilling to work, and too easily tired, as a result of all the vaccinations and bioengineered diseases we are being given like chronic fatigue and all that, and also the Weston Price deformities, which are always more severe in ‘modern’ ‘first world’ cultures, and result in brains that don’t work and tendencies to always get sick.

Peng, from Thailand, has worked at McDonald’s for a very long, and she told me she used to work 100 hours a week at several jobs. I’m not even entirely certain that there actually are 100 hours in a week.

These slaves have nothing, but yet, when I ask them about it, they say they want to be here…. their own country has been destroyed by war, which is one more thing the modern world brings to them,

Learning about Guatemala and South American history (I mean, I barely skimmed the surface of a couple online articles) has taught me a new perspective, which is, that the United States isn’t the ONLY asshole on the planet who goes around invading places and destroying their cultures. Spain did the same thing. My brain hasn’t paid any attention to Spain or viewed Spain as a ‘foreign power.’ I see them as just another weak, unimportant country tied to the European Union. But in the past, they were a powerful country with a lot of gold.

I heard the sound of his voice, a heartbroken sound when Carlos said to me that they invaded Guatemala and took all of their gold back to Spain, in the time of the Maya and Aztecs in that region. His voice made it sound like I was going to interrupt him, argue with him, deny that any gold was taken – Ha ha! You primitive stupid Indians never had any GOLD before Spain got there! But that is not what I said. I believed there was indeed gold there long ago, and it was taken. It was a feeling of being violated, victimized, ashamed, and then allowed to just suffer and rot afterwards in a chaotic world without any help.

I have to catch the bus.

I will try to move the rest of my stuff this weekend. I will try. I am not as much of a slave as these people. If there is only one thing I can learn from this, it is a sense of perspective, that there are some people who have a work-life balance that is much, much more insane than my own, even though my own is bad.

They need advocates to help them communicate about flexible
scheduling. FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING IS LIFE-OR-DEATH AND IT OUGHT TO BE REQUIRED BY LAW. I would totally violate every single libertarian credo that I ever believed in, and say, fuck libertarianism, this fucking law needs to be written to stop all of these goddamn bastard fucking capitalist slaveowners from working people 30 hours a day 9 days a fucking week.

Bus, bus, bus….

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