Darn it. Too much time.

What on earth is there to talk about or think about besides this? I cannot sit here and read the web. I don’t know if I have the attention span to try to watch YouTube. We are slow at work right now. I do need to sit and do nothing for a few minutes, because I did not sleep during siesta. I went to a bookstore and told the lady I haven’t forgotten about the book she lent me.

Time will pass. The lady and I talked about time. She is my conflictor, an EIE-ENFj. When she and I are together too long, we shall exhaust each other. But we are okay together for a few minutes. She lent me the Christian Science book, Ciencia y Salud. I told her it’s packed in the boxes with stuff I’m moving. I offered to buy it but she said it’s ok to keep borrowing it.

I have two pans to scrub. That might prevent me from texting him for the next five minutes.

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