These clowns have some kind of a joke about me that involves lettuce. I think it might have started one of two ways – because Gerber saw that old half-used heads of lettuce were in the box and I couldn’t see them, so I opened up new ones; or, it might be because I stole some green peppers Gerber was cutting. Recently I saw Agustin and Arturo gesture to me while talking, holding out a head of lettuce like I would want it. Today there was one flake of lettuce in my newly poured bowl of sauce for the salad bar. Not sure what this is, but "they" (the voices) said they’re telling me to lose weight – I’ve been drinking tons of Coke to help myself move out of the house. The mind controllers are obsessed with making people lose weight and have harassed me about this before. I honestly don’t know what A & A are clowning around about though.

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