I forgot my putapad!

Rest assured, I will quickly buy an additional spiral bound putapad just so i can use it today. I already have several more packed in boxes.

I wanted to write down thoughts about jobs and the labor pool, but now i must thumb type them.

I hate temp jobs. You think Freddy gave me a hard time when i asked for days off? Well, he relented, and said i had to put up an ad to get someone. That’s nothing compared to the temp agencies. They are absolutely rigid in their schedules. God himself wrote those schedules on stone tablets.

I can’t believe I left the putapad at home.

My bike is so badly maintained I can barely ride it. Fixing the bike was an abandoned project, for many reasons. The brakes are grabbing, so I can’t ride fast. It isn’t oiled. I used old stale olive oil last time I oiled it. I always buy bike oil, but it always gets lost or broken open so it leaks everywhere. I have bought and lost many.

I don’t want temp jobs. Nobody has data entry anymore. I want a bookkeeping job so that I will have the chance to work from home and get paid a lot, doing a service which is always universally needed.

I want to use the car pool to go to Altoona, as I was about to do on the very day I got the job at Kaarma.

It will be unbearable to leave the Guatemalans. I love them so much. Miscommunications will be left unfixed, causing eternal pain. I will go to a cold job with air conditioning cranked up so high that I wear a thick sweater with a hoodie over top of it, all summer, as I did working a temp job a couple years ago, with soulless white American coworkers who I do not love and who get paid huge salaries to chitchat.

I do not want those jobs, soulless evil jobs.

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