I want 3d printed automobile replacement parts for extremely old cars

This came from a strange and wandering line of thought. I was considering renting a car to make it easier for me to move out of this house. I haven’t decided yet, but I might.

Then I was thinking about how they don’t have any standard shift cars at the rental place, I don’t think. And about how it’s almost impossible to find a stick shift anywhere even if you buy a car.

We need alternative automaking. And that means 3D printing your own automobile components at home. We need 3D printers that use metal.

I began to wonder about strange questions of topology. Are there any topological forms that a 3D printer cannot possibly make? I really don’t know, and I’m not sure I’d understand if I read a technical article geared towards people who already know about this, rather than ‘talk to me like I’m five.’

Topology, if you don’t know, is the study of the shapes of objects (to make a long story short). It involves a whole lot of mathematics and engineering. So, you can say that a doughnut is topologically similar to any other object that has a hole going through the middle of it, because all that matters is the abstract idea of the shape, and not the details. A coffee cup is similar to a doughnut (the
coffee-cup-and-doughnut example is a classic example), because, even though the part of the coffee cup that you drink from is a deep well, it doesn’t go all the way through and isn’t a complete hole. The only hole is the hole through the cup’s handle, so it’s an object with one hole, just like a doughnut.

I think I learned about topology by looking at my dad’s Scientific American magazines when I was a teenager. It sounded awesome, and at the same time, I didn’t have a desire to spend the rest of my life studying it, either, and I didn’t want to become an engineer.

But doing these google searches I found a web page that shows some images of how much can be done with 3D printing that cannot easily be done with traditional methods of making metallic objects. There was some kind of wheel component that was completely redesigned with 3D printing. It had to have the same weight as the original, but be made stronger, and they succeeded.

This component is so complex and bizarre it looks like it came from an alien spaceship. It almost looks as complex as the body of a living organism, like tissues with vessels and tendons, like the cross section of a plant stem or something.


Anyway, that was all because I wanted Independent Automaking to replace monopolized automaking. These do-it-yourself blacksmiths will be using 3D printers to make their auto parts. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS TO HAPPEN. It absolutely will happen, although I’m sure it will be declared illegal, too.

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