Guess what’s not finished? Decontamination!

I am in the process of moving a small number of packages to the tent. I will take a taxi, but probably won’t get charged extra because it’s not a ton of stuff.

I was touching one of the last items that has some residues on it. They went straight through the garbage bags that I have wrapped around the items. It’s these plastic large tub things with a bunch of papers inside them, which were on the floor at Mary Jo’s house and have ephedra residues on them, but only in very small quantities – they will cause insomnia and brain and behavior and mood changes.

I have to wait a while for the taxi because they said they’re running about a half hour behind. That’s okay, it will get a little darker in that time. Both businesses are closed at the location where I have to go, so it is okay to dump my stuff behind them in the daylight, but if I try to carry stuff up the path, I will encounter walkers. It’s best to do that part after dark.

I’m going to assume I’m still sleeping here at the house all week. Then I’ll move a few more items next week, and so on. Until forever. It’s not a lot of stuff, but it’s just enough to be a nuisance. Some of it is camping equipment. One of the items is a sleeping bag covered in pesticide which will cause extreme and debilitating fatigue if I try to sleep in it. I was unable to wash it and almost set the washing machine on fire when I tried because it was so overloaded it wasn’t able to agitate – to go back and forth. There literally was smoke coming out the back of the machine. I thought it was over.

I’m not doing the whole thing tonight in one single taxi trip. Just a few packages. Then I’m coming back and sociopathically claiming this territory that doesn’t belong to me through sheer brute force because no one can make me leave until I want to leave. I’m being sarcastic – I’m not choosing to do this because I want to. I just have to pretend I’m choosing to be an extreme bitch who refuses to leave.

I touched a couple of the contaminated items and my mood started to get weepy. I suddenly had a longing for Jesse, except it was the idealized fantasy Jesse which was colored by the drug residues distorting my perception during the time when we met. It was this imaginary, painful, fantasy full of longing of what I wish our relationship could be, and emotions coloring the memories of things that were real and actually did happen, but were, simultaneously, lacking something.

The behavior of the soul murderers controlling my brain EXACTLY PARALLELS the behavior of the modern invaders who destroy primitive societies. They invade, they destroy that society’s ability to take care of itself, they destroy self-reliance, they take away
independence and completely disable them, but then, they leave them with nothing – no substitute, no means of subsistence whatsoever, just nothing. Not enough enough power to actually trade with the invaders and get much money in return. That is exactly what the mind controllers are doing to my brain, except it implies my brain is a resource they are using, which I have often suspected – I suspect that my brain is being programmed with messages that are stored secretly in my brain for the next person to retrieve securely. The messages are contained in the insanely stupid and evil symbolic images that they put into my dreams, and they are information pertaining to the child sex slave trade, most likely. Most likely, my brain contains ’emails’ for other child sex slave traffickers, telling them the locations of the next dropoff and so on. I’m guessing that’s the reason they’re controlling my brain and preventing me from accessing it and preventing anyone from hypnotizing me to find out what’s in there. My brain is being used as a messaging center and they truly do not give a flying fuck about my actual quality of life or my ability to do anything at all. Just disable my ability to use my own brain, use my brain for their own purposes without my consent or knowledge, and leave me to die. That is the pattern of the invaders. And they all come from particular groups of socionic types, too. So they can be profiled.

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