You mean, there’s more than ONE traditional dance where women carry lit candles or lamps on their heads?

A year or two ago I found a traditional dance on youtube, from some Middle Eastern place. It might have been Arabian or something, or from Iran, I forget exactly where, but the women were dancing with flaming lanterns on their heads, balanced.

Well, I figured that wasn’t a very common thing. It turns out, this is something EVERYBODY is doing! Why didn’t I know that? They do it in Colombia too. I had to google the word ‘fandango’ because I used to have a video game called ‘Grim Fandango,’ which I never finished playing, because I couldn’t figure out how to make the big giant monster guy stop watching the horse races or cat races or whatever he was doing, where he was sitting at a table betting on something and wouldn’t let me make him leave. I never figured out that puzzle, and I abandoned the game. I should watch a walkthrough. I tried and tried and tried everything, touching every single pixel in the entire game hoping to find a secret entrance or something, but never did. So I had to eventually find out what a fandango even was.

Well, the fandango in this video involves a woman who has to keep on smiling while hot wax is running down her face, which sort of really looks like a cum shot in a porno movie, which is probably what it’s supposed to look like. She just keeps on smiling. Hot wax.

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