waiting for taxi

I called the taxi and I’m waiting now.

When I’m camping, I’ll be able to take the M bus to get into town, instead of spending an hour and a half slowly walking up the hill, which absolutely kills me, to go from Walnut Springs Park up to Kaarma. I can ride my bike *downhill* to get to where the M bus is, on College Avenue. I’ve done that before. It’s almost all down hill and it won’t kill me to do that, so I won’t be going into work dead exhausted from walking every single day. There is absolutely no way to go downhill at all if I try to just go directly from Walnut Springs up to Kaarma. Not everyone would take that long to walk, but I tested it a few days ago – it took longer than one hour (that was the day some weird guy stopped his car to ask me a question, and I decided to get off the road and go between some buildings to get away from him). I walked extremely slowly to avoid exhausting myself that day, and was still exhausted, although they had sprayed the elm trees with whatever pesticide it is, or, I dunno what the spray is.

Malnutrition is much worse when I’m in the tent. Because I have no permanent infrastructure, I cannot have a ‘food storage area.’ I don’t have any place to actually store and process food. I cannot light fires there. I could potentially cook with a tiny stove….

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