cat problem

I’m forced to shop at only two tiny convenience stores in town. Neither of them have any cat food that is edible. They have horrible stuff I would never buy, which is full of artificial colors. They have some other stuff which is for ‘indoor’ cats which I would also never buy and which Jacob refused to eat because it made him vomit. He’s probably vomiting when he eats this artificially colored shit too. I can’t get to any other store anywhere because I have exactly zero minutes of free time to go on a long bus ride to other grocery stores. I did have some canned food to give him in my room, but no bowl to put it in because I was planning to get out of here last Sunday, but Mike was reluctant to take me in the truck (he got drunk, even though he and I had planned in advance to go out in the truck that night, and then it rained too) and didn’t give me any hints that Tyler would be coming here all of a sudden this week when he originally said ‘August.’ So I put some of this canned food, which he also is having trouble eating because ‘Fancy Feast’ is low quality garbage and not the usual stuff I got for him, onto a plastic bag in my bedroom on the floor. He has been coming up to my room and driving me crazy in the middle of the night because he is hungry and unable to eat any of the crap that I’ve been forced to get for him while shopping at two tiny stores during a zero minute shopping spree that I don’t have time for. He’s now outside meowing to come back in.

I also seem to have gotten a litter that doesn’t work, and now it smells bad and there is absolutely fucking nothing I can do about it. They’re going to think I’m one of those morons who is too fucking stupid to change the cat litter. Again, I have a whopping TWO tiny convenience stores to shop from, neither of which have the right thing, and apparently I accidentally got a non-clumping litter, which has now allowed the urine to build up and smell like ammonia.

So we have these two people downstairs on the fold-out couch bed thing again and it really might be Tyler, I just have no idea why he isn’t here every single day and why he has no belongings to unpack and put away if he’s permanently staying here an entire semester, and why isn’t he sleeping here every single night? And how does he have a girlfriend with him? And these people are going to be mad at me and going to be thinking I’m an evil retard who is too fucking stupid to move out of the bedroom, and it’s all my fault and I planned deliberately to refuse to leave because of my communistic sense of entitlement.

Yep, that’s right. I AM an evil sociopath who abuses and neglects cats, and occupies bedrooms while laughing at the futile efforts of all the people trying to force me to leave. Mwahahahahahahah!

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