Why am I suddenly able to see?

Is it because I’ve been drinking green juices and green smoothies? When I went out on break, I suddenly looked up and noticed a building. It had always been there, but I suddenly looked directly at it and saw all of its details, which were fascinating. I didn’t photograph it, I just looked at it in amazement.

I also don’t see contrails right now. A person can argue about which ones are chemtrails and which ones are contrails, but that doesn’t mean chemtrails don’t exist, and it also doesn’t mean contrails don’t make the sky all hazy, because they do. So the sky is clear blue.

I went and looked at a tiny alley between the buildings, then went around to the back side of it and looked in from that way. I could do "urban exploration."

I photographed a horrible painting that I have always hated, full of horribly ugly people making disgusting, crazy, scary, gruesome, monstrous faces. The kitchen I work in doesn’t look like that. I work with people who are sweet, loving, friendly, playful, funny, and beautiful.

I haven’t been able to look at things and see them since I was in college, except when I was on St. John’s Wort, but even then I felt different because of the drug. This was without drugs. A random "gift" from the mind controllers, or, is my brain healing because I’m drinking green vegetable juices?

I keep using that number, $150,000, when I pass people on the street who seem happy and unaware they’re slaves. Do you make $150,000? I think to myself as I look at them. I wonder. I must research which professions do make that much.

I must lie down! Only a few minutes. I will regret missing my siesta!

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