Quien se mi dolor. Robots can do our jobs. We are slaves. Scarcity is an illusion.

Something like that. I think that was "who knows my pain," from Carlos. I didn’t check the words to see if I’ve written it right.

Carlos and John are an illusionary (mirage, some websites call them different names) relation, LSE and LII. One description of the mirage relation says that outsiders can find their disagreements comical. There was an incident of this yesterday John asked Carlos how old he was, after I had said I myself was 41. First he said he was 42, which I took as a joke. But when John pressed him to tell the truth he seemed reluctant to tell. I was amused because he seemed almost ready to fight, but that’s because I didn’t really understand what the problem was.

I still don’t entirely understand. But it has to do with the alleged "scarcity" of jobs and the belief that we have to "compete" to keep our jobs. Carlos has to be the highest ranking person in the kitchen. He is reluctant to say where he learned to cook, but that was another question John asked him – who taught him this? Anything that might lead towards other people outranking him, having higher power than he does, and taking his job away, is a threat.

But I sympathize with this, because I keep saying, we are slaves, jobs are not scarce, the illusion of scarcity is a trick and a false belief planted in our minds by the elites, robots could do our jobs, we exist because the elites who own us are tolerating and humoring us. But we’ve been forced to believe we must battle to keep our positions, battle to keep our jobs, battle to make enough money and not let anyone force us out of our jobs. We must believe that we are needed and we are the only person who can do this job. The concept of job scarcity is a huge, huge lie that results from the slave society’s design.

I still can’t easily explain this while thumb typing without the ability to type quickly. I’m also not on much caffeine or herbal drugs other than residues.

The fact that I get zapped by the electronic mind control system every couple seconds no matter where I go is proof that people are being forcibly prevented from being intelligent, productive, competent, and self-reliant. The elites don’t WANT us to use our brains or produce anything. Scarcity must be artificially created, by means of a constant expenditure of resources, to destroy prosperity deliberately, to destroy abundance deliberately, otherwise people would accidentally, naturally, and spontaneously start creating abundance and prosperity. I am not the only person being attacked. People only label themselves "targeted individuals" if they have been forced to learn that electronic weapons are real. Everyone else is also constantly attacked, but they don’t know. It prevents the full functioning of the brains of every single person on earth. Why expend resources to stop people from functioning, in the midst of starvation when everyone’s labor is desperately needed? This is their whole paradigm – pay farmers not to farm, and so on. But it’s deeper than that, because farmers shouldn’t have to farm in order to pay for their land, mortgages, and borrowed money. And now robots can do all of our jobs.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Kat’s in DA Kradle!


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