I meet the criteria for slavery!

I am only partly joking. In reality I would not use this web page as a guideline because they are only talking about "human trafficking," and they have an extremely narrow definition of slavery, whereas I have an extremely broad, encompassing, inclusive definition of slavery, which even includes dogs, cats, caged birds, and fish in aquariums, along with houseplants in pots that are too small. And of course, burros, and beasts of burden. "Trabajar como un burro" was one of the phrases I got by translating slavery to Spanish.


The one that fits me is "living in unsuitable conditions." Yep! "Being coached on what to say." Totally! Since the brain-zapping won’t let me think or speak for myself, and the voices in my head continually prompt me, I meet that criteria. I meet a couple other criteria too but I’m afraid I’ll lose all this text if I attempt to shut gmail and switch back to the browser. Putaphone.


One Response to “I meet the criteria for slavery!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I remember refuting this argument decades ago.
    The master has to feed and provide for all his lackeys!
    They hold him in bondage for their economic well being!

    Wage Slave is still SLAVERY!


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