Today sucks. I’m gonna drink green smoothies now.

Unfortunately, people believe kale is a "superfood," so they include it in all green smoothies. It’s also a goitrogen, attacking the thyroid and causing loss of energy. Our stupid society refuses to use alternative greens from other families, such as lamb’s quarters. I’m sensitive to plant toxins, but lamb’s quarters doesn’t bother me at all.

However, I’m desperate enough for nutrition that I’ll get raw green smoothies anyway.

Our grease trap overflowed, and everyone blamed me for letting too many chunks go down the drain. Bullshit! It’s inevitable that chunks go down no matter what you do. The trap must be cleaned every so often regardless of what you do. So, it overflowed greasy water all over the floor. I don’t like when people are unjustly blaming me.

About the grease trap: No me gusta la chingadera. Derramar grasa y agua. (I can’t conjugate verbs yet. I can’t study my grammar in my zero minutes of free time.)

"I’m not pleased with the fucking thing. To spill grease and water."

Grasa might be "fat" or maybe "butter." I think "grasa" is written in the nutrition information on foods. It’s the percentage fat content in the RDA or whatever.

If Agustin doesn’t come in tonight, then esta dia no me gusta mas (this day displeases me more). Totally grammatically wrong. I’m so frustrated with my zero free time. I cannot learn or study at all. I’m super awesome at grammar. I just have to read the book and practice. Grammar will help me decode what they are saying. I won’t recognize the word, but I’ll recognize which time a verb is happening and who the verb applies to.

John the LII asks them linguistic questions, and he also understands the genocide and he understands that the fiat money system is slavery. He understands that their languages are being destroyed. He asked them about it, and I found out that they do speak several local native American languages in addition to Spanish.

If Agustin doesn’t show up, grr. I need to be cheered up. He really is analogous to "Mexican Brent," from McDonald’s. He says things that are funny that make me feel a lot of affection. I don’t know if he was serious but he pestered Arturo about spilling flour on the floor while making dough, and I heard the word "cucarachas," cockroaches, a word everyone knows from the song La Cucaracha. This was funny to me. I assume he was accusing Arturo of feeding or attracting cockroaches, which of course will not happen. It’s almost like me throwing naan out the door to feed the birds.

I tried a new wild plant a few weeks ago, and it wasn’t good. Plantains, the little leafy ones that grow on the ground, not the bananas. Plantain leaves are emetic. I almost threw up after only a tiny bite. No more plantains. I love other wild greens though.


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