A few minutes before I get on the bus. Additive nicknames

I can’t use the word "love" because to me that word is so serious it almost means "let’s get married." I think this might be socionics.

I noticed Carlos’s way of creating a nickname is similar to how I make nicknames for my cats. I started adding nonsense syllables to their names and they gradually built up over time. "Max," named by his former owner, became "Macaroni," and then, I started calling Jacob (also named by former owner) Jacoboni. So I was adding "oni" to their names. Jacob meows in a weird way, just a little chirp or "merf," so now I call him "Merfy merfaroni."

It seems that Agustin is Gustino, Gustinogo, and Tinogo.

I need a name for Arturo. The only name I associated with him was King Arthur, but I need something more specific to him.

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