Why aren’t there any robots or machines doing my job yet?

Oh, I’m going to annoy everyone at the library with the sound of my typing.  I’m using a real keyboard.  I’ve almost forgotten how.  It feels really weird to type and to be able to write down every single thought as fast as it crosses my mind with very few typos or random weird stuff coming up like the strange things that come from the ‘Swype’ keyboard commands that I am always doing by accident.

It’s hard to phrase this question in exactly the right way.  If you ask the wrong question, then you explore the wrong idea.  This isn’t supposed to be a helpless lament; it’s supposed to be a real, substantial observation.

Why aren’t machines doing all the manual labor yet?  Why is this not a priority?  Why isn’t it the absolute TOP priority above all other priorities?  Why aren’t we making it the top priority to completely eliminate all human labor, such as dishwashers, like me?

I’m not asking for humanoid androids who look like people and walk around and talk.  It could be merely a machine that was capable of doing my job.  It would have to scrub the big giant pans well enough to remove the little bit of grimy stuff that’s hard to see, like the burned on film after they cook the milk.

Why is this not the absolute top priority of the entire economic system right now?  I’m not trying to lament the existence of socionics, because the short answer to that question is merely ‘socionics.’  But this isn’t a post about socionics.  I already know that the reason why other people don’t value the same things I value is because of socionics, why they can’t be made to understand and agree that this ought to be the world’s top priority, labor-saving machines that do every single thing for us so that we have less and less work to do.

I need to explain something which is hard to explain.  If we had more and more machines doing our jobs, it would make it obvious that we are all slaves who only exist because the elites tolerate our existence.  It would become totally explicit that the only people allowed to exist are the ones who the elites are fond of.  Once again, socionics:  if, say, my conflictors are the elites, they are not going to be very happy about allowing me to exist and do whatever I want, and so they are probably not going to allow me to exist on the land that they already own.  (Or, it might not have to be conflictors, it could be any one of the more difficult socionic relationships.)

I have seen this before, for example, an LIE-ENTJ starts a venture capital business, and then seeks to hire a bunch of ESI-ISFJ females to do the job of being their secretary.  A whole bunch of ESIs will be hired to work for that LIE, receiving the free handouts from their venture capital, existing inside their building with their permission, because ESIs are someone who the LIEs like the most.

A lot of times, these people aren’t even doing any real work.  I have done temp jobs at businesses where all the women just sat around all day in the office chit-chatting with each other, being extremely unproductive, yet getting a very high salary with all sorts of benefits, because they were in one of those extremely wealthy businesses that can afford to hire people merely because they like those particular people, and not because those people are actually doing anything useful for the business at all.  I did a temp job where I was the only person who was ever actually doing any kind of labor at all.

If machines did all of our work for us, it would become obvious that all we need is merely to receive the food, which ought to be plentiful and limitless.  Who owns the land that we are walking on?  Somebody who already owned it before we were born, before we even had the opportunity to buy it.  We never had the opportunity to buy that land, and we never will.  We live on this land merely because the landowning elites tolerate our existence.

So when machines can do my job of dishwashing, it will become obvious that I am a useless human being who isn’t needed or valued by anybody.  That is already the truth, but we can play pretend, pretend I’m useful, pretend I’m needed, pretend that my labor is contributing something.  I’m really serious about this, and I need to convey this idea.  Every person who is working at their jobs right now is really not needed.  Every one of them is superfluous, extra, getting paid merely because the owners of that business like them and are fond of them and desire to give away free money to feed people, while playing a little game of pretend, to pretend those people are actually producing something for the business when they are not.  They are merely receiving free welfare, while being allowed to have the dignity and the social respect of, quote, ‘having a job.’  I’m not on welfare!  I have a JOB!  I have RESPECT!

How do I explain this?  How do I prove that this is the situation that already exists?  With automation, with robots, with labor-saving machines, it would become obvious that ALL humans are passively receiving welfare while doing nothing productive that earns any money.  Then we would have to talk about the fact that people have the right to exist.

Let the libertarians fuss and roll over in their graves.  I know their argument.  They have some truly lame argument about how the more machines do our jobs, the more jobs there will be for us, because then, we will all get to work at the factories that are making the machines.  Uh-huh.  Right.  This is one of those giant, obvious holes in the libertarian argument that I was too weak and timid to see through before.  I just believed them.  I believed they had to be right.

Somehow, in my late thirties, I became able to question libertarianism.  It probably was prompted by reading Weston Price and learning about the horrific, life-ruining damage that is done to all human beings whenever they are forced against their will to adopt a modern lifestyle when they had formerly been living a happy, healthy, stone-age, primitive life.  I also began to understand that all land ownership is based on theft, and you simply cannot just ignore this.  It wasn’t a one-time theft that we can apologize about, or say, ‘Well, that happened, but it was in the past,’ like the libertarians say about the theft of Native American land by the invaders from Europe.

No, the theft of land is a constant, nonstop, ongoing way of life.  Every time a child is born, that child is born on a piece of land where they are physically incapable of self-reliance, due to the fact that all of the land has already been completely destroyed and paved over with concrete before they were even born.  The nearest wilderness is thousands of miles away, and it might have one or two deer in it, but no giant herds like we had in the past and were meant to always have.  There is simply no way to exist, except to serve as a slave in the slave society that surrounds you, the cage that you are born inside of.  The land that you are walking on is stolen out from under you by the people who existed before you were born.  You are born onto that land and it is instantly stolen.  This theft occurs every single time a new human being is born.  The land has already been totally destroyed and you are born inside of a cage where you have no escape, no way to provide food for yourself, no way to even travel a couple hundred miles without earning money first.  This theft of land is not merely something that we’re sorry about that happened a long time ago so we can ignore it now.  It is nonstop, unavoidable, and an essential part of our entire social system.

If we had machines doing all of our jobs, it would suddenly become obvious that here we are, walking around, and somebody somewhere has already set up the world we live in, already paved the streets, already built the buildings.  Somebody somewhere is constantly competing to steal that land, the land underneath every skyscraper.

You would still have ‘opportunities’ to be ‘ambitious,’ as they call it, but that is actually a lie, a worldview.  You shouldn’t have to be ambitious or competitive if you want to exist in a particular kind of world.  You shouldn’t have to become a trillionaire so that you can earn the luxury of buying up a bunch of concrete-paved land and then removing all of the concrete and having it hauled away so that you can remake the land with living trees and wildlife.  You shouldn’t have to become a trillionaire merely for the privilege of undoing the horrible death and damage and destruction which has already been done by all the people who lived before you, and nobody ever becomes a trillionaire that way.  You only become a trillionaire by creating more death, more destruction, more ruin, more concrete.

I still can’t quite express the thought that is in my mind, so I will go ahead and post this.  Maybe I will rest a little bit before the evening session of work.

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