I’m still here.

I moved a bunch of stuff to the porch. It’s mostly camping stuff, like foam mats and sleeping bags.

I’m allegedly supposed to get out very soon for Tyler, who allegedly isn’t informing Mike very much about the exact details of when he is coming here. So even though Tyler’s other lease allegedly ends today, July 18th, I don’t know if this phantom will actually arrive today or not.

My stuff is still in my bedroom, and it’s messy. I have garbage lying around because I got rid of my garbage box. I have a pile of clothing. I have two plastic boxes with papers in them.

I have to talk to Freddy about giving me a couple more evenings off so that I can have enough free time to run errands and make progress. I have to make changes in my life. I can only make changes in my free time. My life has to change because all of this entire lifestyle is totally and completely unacceptable.


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