Schedule must change

I am thinking I will ask to change my schedule so that I have two additional evenings off. But I will have to talk to Freddy about it and see what he needs most. I absolutely, totally cannot work this schedule and also ride my bike home several miles, and also move out of this apartment at the same time.

I believe Mike’s nephew is probably not really coming over, but he needs for me to leave anyhow. He wants this room back.

I am too tired to even write right now. I did not make up that story about dancing at the folk music band in town and then walking partway home. I am in agony just as I said I would be.

In reality I need more time off than that but I will just try to negotiate something. I absolutely cannot live this way, while simultaneously performing the process of changing the way that I live, or making progress, or changing ANYTHING AT ALL in my life. I have to move out and it will take me a whole year to get my stuff out of Mike’s garage at this rate if I put stuff in there while working this schedule.

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